Saturday, February 26, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Nine

I think we have a nice eclectic selection of pictures this week – hope you enjoy them!

Sunday, February 20th      
Yes, it’s all the usual suspects at our bird diner.

And here’s a new fellow – a woodpecker!

Monday, February 21st  
Another cardinal shot. For some reason I think he’s looking particularly cocky in this picture.

Here's his mate. Maybe. There are a lot of cardinals these days, so really, she could belong to anyone. Or no one. I'm not judging!

Squirrel. I don't think I need to say more than that. 

It was just a bit rainy as I drove home from work…

Tuesday, February 22nd
I’m pretty sure that the Tax Time Pig is supposed to be Abraham Lincoln, not a Hasidic Jew, but you can decide for yourself.

Dr. M took a picture of these shy campus deer. I love how the one on the right has her head cocked to one side so she can see him better. Please note the absence of snow in the Tax Time Pig picture and the still somewhat heavy snow in the deer picture. Dr. M works about 70 miles north east of where I work - big climate difference some days!

Wednesday, February 23rd
Dr. M saw another deer down by the railroad tracks.

Here is the State of the Bug. I was listening to an audio book & it was tender vittles! Made me cry! Not sob like The Hunger Games, but definitely tear up. It was the last book in the Gregor the Overlander series by Suzanne Collins, who also wrote the Hunger Games series.

That picture reminded me of this one – do you reckon I didn’t want to have my picture made?

Thursday, February 24th     
Thursday night we realized that neither of us had taken a picture. So I ran back to the bathroom & took a picture of some penguin silly bandz my niece had given me for Christmas. I keep the package on my desk & some evenings when my hair bugs me I pull it back with a band - & then just hang the band in the bathroom when I’m getting ready for bed. I don’t know why the two I have here are black – there are lots of other colors.

After I took that picture I got intrigued by all the lovely colors of the weather pattern that was bringing more snow to our area. This is on Dr. M’s computer.

And here – isn’t it cool how the TV Weather Person’s dress matches the colors in the weather pattern?

Friday, February 25th
We got a little bit of snow at our house, not very much where I work, and a good bit where Dr. M works. He didn’t have to go to school Friday (they opened at 10:00 & his only classes are at 8:00 and 9:00). So while he was home he took a picture of this sweet Junco.

I wrote about this flag that flies outside my building on Tuesday & decided that I needed a picture of it.

I confused Dr. M when I told him about taking a picture, so he went out in search of other tattered flags for me. I get pretty irate when people go all flag-wavy on me & then don’t take care of their own flags – but as my poem says, I can’t really talk too much because of my own hang-ups.

Saturday, February 26th
Although the furry guys can stretch out and look sleek…

Our squirrels have not had a rough winter :)

Dr. M put my Valentine rose petals in this vase – aren’t they gorgeous?

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  1. Love the way that vase looks! What did you think of the Hunger Games? There's quite a bit of buzz about it but I don't know anything about it!

  2. I definitely vote hasidic jew. and you haven't changed a bit!

  3. absolutely love your 365 series. It's a wonderful idea. I look even when I don't comment...are we all like that?

  4. The top photo is just remarkable. The cardinal steals the show with his flashy feathers.

  5. You crack me up - taking a picture of the weather lady!!! haha!

    And no more pictures of the Bug with tears... makes me sad! :(

    The pig is hilarious too!!! Makes me want to bring out in songs from Fiddler on the Roof for some reason :)

  6. I am curious what type of camera you have. It looks like it takes really good photos. I have a hard time capturing animals with mine. The photo of you as a little girl is so CUTE!

  7. Really neat idea to put the petals in the vase!

  8. I really love the nature (bird and deer) pics. Makes me wish we lived back out in an area again where I could see those kind of sights. Not so much in apartment living!

    Weathermen/women: just once I'd love to hear one of them say, "Hey, we really don't know *what* the weather's going to be like tomorrow. We're guessing."

  9. @ Rebecca Jo: "If I were a rich man..."

    @ Brenda: we rely on two cameras (I typically take one and The Bug takes the other when we leave the house in the morning). Our best is a Nikon D5000 Digital SLR with Nikor auto-focus/ vibration reduction lenses: 18-55mm and 55-200mm. Most of the wildlife pics are shot with the Nikon, using the 55-200mm zoom lens. Most days I carry the Nikon, primarily because I have more time to stop and take pics on my way to and from school (I know, I know...professors have it made :-). We also have a Canon Powershot A710IS we've had for a number of years, and that's the one The Bug typically carries with her to take self-portraits, pics of the T-T Pig, etc. As good as the Canon is, there is a serious qualitative difference between it and the Nikon. It was a considerable investment for us, one we could not have afforded, if not for the great generosity of The Bug's father, who is an avid fan of her blog!

  10. OK... I so needed a chuckle today and the tax time pig did it! Love you! :c)

  11. Oh...glad I stopped back here. Thanks Dr. M for the info about your cameras. I want to get a new one some day and I don't know where to start. Now I will bother you with another difficult was it to learn to use your Nikon?

  12. @Brenda: I lugged around a Canon AE1 35mm back in the '80s, and my friend Jerry shot Nikon, so I was familiar with the SLR style camera, changing lenses, etc. I think the Nikon DSLRs are even bigger than the old 35mms, if not really heavier, but the basic functions are the same. So I adjusted pretty quickly. The Bug, mostly accustomed to smaller film cameras and compact digital cameras, took only slightly longer, once she got used to looking through the lens to take shots instead of at a little screen. Of course the beauty of the D5000 is that you can do either, as it has both a traditional SLR viewer and a very nice view screen! So it was easy for her to learn the basics. It is a very smart camera in terms of its auto settings, and then it will let you make it as complicated as you want, in terms of switching to manual and playing around with aperture, shutter speed, film speed, etc. But it is a big camera, especially when one carries an extra lens or two, and thus a chore to lug around on nature hikes, etc. There are options in between that work very well, indeed. For me, I was itching to get a digital SLR, as the technology had finally caught up with film quality, and in some fundamental ways passed it, and so I could at long last replace my faithful old 35mm SLR.

  13. Ha! I did not know we have the same camera, cool! I still have yet to find the time to learn much about it, I keep saying I will but -- excuses, excuses, eh? :(

    LOVE the cardinals and squirrels, I don't have either to shoot in my backyard. The red it so very gorgeous!

    You are awesome, DanaBug, and thanks for the reminder that I need the rest of the Hunger Games series! I read the first one, now I need the rest.

    Love to you!

  14. Ha! I call it the "Ashton Kutcher Camera" because of the commercials...that's why you have one, isn't it, Kim :-P Judging by your pics, I would say you're doing just fine with it.

  15. Good thing I was drinking my coffee when I came to Tax Time Pig's photo and caption -- or I'da snorted it right out my nose! LOL

    Doncha just love books that make you cry?! Sometimes when I'm feeling all PMSy I'll go read a sad book or a sad chapter in a book I've already read, just so I have a reason to cry :)

    Great photos, as always. You and Dr. M make a great photog team!

  16. Oh man...I'm laughing at Kim's comments. You two would be dangerous together, I suspect.

    Love, love, love the birds photos, as usual. Disappointed there was no sneezing pic, but crying...hey, that's pretty good. Such a tragedy to finish a good book.

    Have a great week.

  17. Love that cardinal bird. The vase is awesome!squirrels are

    Project 365

  18. I'd say they missed the mark on the Lincoln pig! Love the rose petals in the vase, so pretty.

    Hugs & love,

  19. love all the bird pictures. The petals is the vase is neat, at first glance I thought the vase was a redish brown color, didn't relize the rose petals were inside until I read your note.

  20. Abraham Lincoln or Hasidic Jew, no contest just call him YEHUDAH!

    I just love cardinals, they are my favorite bird I think!

    Love the petals in the vase.
    Great week!


    Your prize will be in the mail this week, probably Wednesday...:)

  21. i've never thought to put my petals in a vase; great idea!
    pretty outdoor shots, for sure.

  22. It is always such a joy to visit you here. I have photos like that too. I didn't like photographers and men with hats. Go figure. Still don't like getting my photo taken.

    Have a great week!

  23. Thanks again for the camera info! When I retire in a few years I would like to spend all of my days taking photos with a really nice camera.

  24. Love the woodpecker!!!

    and the first thing I thought when I saw the pig was...Hasidic Jew!

  25. That pig cracks me up!

    You definitely looked sad this week, it's time to listen to some happier books. You were a cute little sad girl though!

  26. love the vase of rose petals...i have one of those too! and that woodpecker is that you captured it! and that tax time pic is really scary...not gonna lie! i cry all the time when i read a good book! hope you have a great week. and by the by as a kinder teacher i HATE silly bands...just sayin'!!(my kinder kids play with them all the time and it irritates the snot outta me! lol)

  27. I gave Hunger Games to my 13 yr.-old grandson for Christmas 'cause I read it was one among top teen reads. Was I right?
    LUV all your photos. And such a cute little girl pic ;)
    I'm always listening to audio books in the car.
    I also get upset about tattered flags. Must go read your poem.

  28. I totally should have done that with my rose petals. Sorry that the nook made you cry. There is my favorite picture...the pig. Love the outfit. Abe


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