Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle

It’s Wordzzle time! You know, these are a lot of fun to do, and as you can tell, the stories don’t really have to be all that good (although Ardent & Raven write excellent­ stories). I think it’s just a good mental exercise. So, go read the other stories here, and then write your own stories & link up!

Words for the mini: closet, camera, cheese, flagrant, music

In flagrant disregard for her parents’ terror that she might come out of the closet, Sheryl decided to just pour on the cheese. Grinning into the camera she listened to the music and waited for her cue. Hearing the first strains of Diana Ross’s “I’m Coming Out” she launched into song.

Words for the 10-word challenge: sweetness, soap opera, leather jacket, matches, corn, pregnant, operation, mustache, crib, earrings

Sweetness O’Toole adjusted the collar of her leather jacket and wondered how long she’d be able to zip it. She still couldn’t believe she was pregnant. Her life was a soap opera, that was for sure. She always did fall for a man with a mustache. He was just so pretty, and he had given her the most beautiful sapphire earrings (“Ah, ma petit, this blue matches your eyes exactly…”). What a corn ball. Didn’t he know that his redneck accent didn’t sound the least bit French?

She’d thought about getting the “operation.” But here she was shopping for a crib. And where was Mr. Mustache? Probably back in Little Rock by now. Good riddance!

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  1. Two perfect wordzzles. Very full stories told with such concise use of the words. Sweetness O'Toole. Great name. And Bravo to Sheryl.


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