Friday, February 25, 2011

The Poetry Bus Gets Fleeced!

TFE is driving the bus! He gave us some really intriguing pictures, with the stipulation that our poem had to be 14 lines long, and I thought I was writing a poem for the second picture. But when I came up for air my effort had nothing whatsoever to do with a couple of boys, a donkey and a dog. So I decided that it matched, vaguely, the prompt regarding the Van Morrison song. Here are our instructions:

“Plan B, Van Morrison has a song, 'You Don't Pull No Punches But You Don't Push The River' [go here to hear the song – it’s worth your while in my opinion]. In it he mentions 'The Veedon Fleece' I don't know what the feck that might be so write about whatever the Veedon Fleece may be to you and then whittle it down to FOURTEEN lines

Like TFE I mostly prefer free verse for my own poetry, but I couldn’t resist the pull of the sonnet given the 14 line restriction. So, here you go, my take on the Veedon Fleece (which apparently was someone’s name, but I’m ignoring this & believing that it’s about finding something you’re searching for). After you read mine then go check out the other offerings here.

The Veedon Fleece

I want to help you drive the day away
To sink into your lonely shepherd’s mind
And find that corner tucked behind the gray
Where what I am, and what you are, unwind
The sheep are safe, locked in behind the gate
And I am here to draw you to the moon
Its waning light is bright enough to skate
Through fields and fens to find our midnight boon
Just wait my love until I loose your soul
It waits right there to be set free, unchained
It wings away just like a thought made whole
Unfettered by the care of this day’s pain
I watch the moon until it fills the sky
We watch the moon together, you and I


  1. Bella, bella!! I love this! At heart, I'm an old-style poet, and nothing pleases me more than a sonnet in iambic pentameter.

    Really, really nice, Dana.

  2. Glad to be back reading my favorite blogs. You've done some really nice posts.

  3. My! My! I am so impressed with your sonnet. I can't for the life of me seem to be able to compose one.

  4. You go're a poet!

    I keep tossing this idea around in my head. From time to time a poem will wander out of my head... I may just have to snag one for this one day!


  5. Bloody Hell! I hate sonnets and now another one bowls me over! Must all my prejudices be dismantled?

    'And I am here to draw you to the moon Its waning light is bright enough to skate Through fields and fens to find our midnight boon'

    How lovely is that?

  6. Oh this wouldn't be out of place in a book of love poems. Beautiful flow, perfect rhythm and rhyme, a logical progression of thought and most importantly, true emotion. Fantastico.

  7. She says she doesn't "do" sonnets *rolls eyes*. Made me swoon a little.

  8. Brilliant, brilliant, and just in case you missed it, brilliant. Loved it Bug!

  9. Oh yes, another Sonneteer! This is just lovely, Dana! The fluidity of your words lift me to a mystical place between dreams and mindful action, between standing firmly on the good earth and gazing at the moon.

  10. I am also enamoured with sonnets. Lovely. Especially the last couplet.


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