Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Miscellany

Here we are back at Monday again – how did that happen? Here’s some miscellany, since I’m not up for much more at this point in the week.

• The other night I had a nightmare. I dreamed that Dr. M was planning to plant carrots in our garden. I hate carrots. My dad then informed me that carrots do well in raised beds, which is what we have. I did NOT need to know that.

• Yesterday I went to get groceries just wearing the blazer I had worn to church! No coat! No hat! No gloves! Today is extra breezy, but still relatively warm (in the 40s).

• I guess I sort of knew that the Grammys were on last night, but we were watching a show about American Indian removal instead. Such is the life in a historian’s home :) It was a pretty good show.

• This morning I went to the dentist. They think my teeth are great – no problems today. It’s because I finally started flossing regularly in my 30s – otherwise I’m quite cavity prone. I still get them, but not nearly as often. So, the PSA of today is FLOSS!

• Because it’s so breezy I sometimes had to actually use two hands while driving in to work. I fully expected to see Winnie the Pooh & Piglet flying by at some point.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. I’m planning to enjoy this (relatively) warmer weather!


  1. The nicer weather has arrived for us as well. We had the windows open yesterday. It got in the 60's. I have been watching so many documentaries on TV lately. I tuned in to the Grammys last night just in time to see Mick Jagger and Barbra Streisand. Not too bad for their age. Have a great week!

  2. I know! I actually drove home from work with both windows down and it was warm! I use exclamation points to indicate my excitement with this development after Snowmaggedon!

    And yeah, not so much on the carrots. I can do raw but cooked just grosses me out.

  3. It gets REAL windy here (Santa Ana winds) I always find myself singing the wicked witch of the west know the one duh da da duh duh duh. Ha ha.

  4. It was 68 here yesterday! Ahhhh.... bliss!

  5. But have you ever had candied carrots? They're cooked in a yummy, sugary glaze that makes them more dessert than vegetable! Sorta like how I make sweet potato casserole, with enough butter and sugar and pecans to declare it a "postre" rather than a "verdura" :)

  6. I enjoy a good carrot.

    As for the Grammys, I feel like my grammy when I see the list of winners...never heard of them.

  7. if you see a girl flying past wearing ruby red slippers you know its breezy

  8. I've been having nightmares, too...
    strange things.

    relatively warm: sooooo good!

    I didn't watch Grammys either...and they still got in my face in commercials, newsclips, and on


    great post!

  9. The program you watched was probably much more interesting than the Grammy's.

  10. we had some wicked wind last night but mid 60s today...ah...the grammys were good but i might have liked your show better...smiles.

  11. carrots? too funny. ;)

    warm in the 40s? we are reaching 70s already. i promise i'm not bragging... it only means sweat-proof-clothing is required soon. {help. me.}

    yay for no cavities!


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