Saturday, February 12, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Seven

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Well for heaven’s sake – there are even more pictures this week. For such a gray time of year we certainly do find plenty of things to photograph.

Note: No Tax Time Pig this week - again. Apparently he really likes his coat of many colors, so no new picture. I sure hope he dresses up for Valentine’s Day!

Sunday, February 6th      
Just some bird pictures. I never used to be so interested in birds until we moved to our house. It’s just so much fun to see what kinds come around. Dr. M took these pictures.

Monday, February 7th  
Look! I took another picture of a sheep on a hay roll. I wonder how they decide who gets to go up there?

Dr. M took this snowy picture on his way home. Brr!

Tuesday, February 8th
Dr. M took these pictures – more birds, and some snowy scenery.

This is the State of the Bug picture for the week. I am showing relief that I finally vacuumed & mopped.

Wednesday, February 9th
Hmm – I’m sensing a theme – bird pictures and scenery. Here Mr. Cardinal and his Mrs. are dining with some very fat sparrows? I’m not sure what these are…

The geese are on the move again…

The name on this barn is Green Acres. Seems like there’s a disconnect there!

Thursday, February 10th     
I had to snap this picture on my way out of the house Thursday morning – 0.2 degrees outside. Rude! The house was 62.3 degrees with 54% humidity.

Friday, February 11th
Lots of pictures today. A sunrise on Dr. M’s way to work.


Yes, the furniture is still there :)

I went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner with some friends. AS got the deep fried macaroni & cheese.

Saturday, February 12th
Today Dr. M & I went to have lunch with a friend. We met at a pub called The Old Bag of Nails. It was pretty good. But of course I didn’t take a picture of E or of the pub or our food. These are pictures on our way home. This house is one of the ones on the Underground Railroad in Mechanicsburg – the safe room was in the attic.

I just loved the sign & the snowy vista.

I took this picture of a pheasant in flight – there were two of them walking across the road, but we startled them.

And, lastly, a picture of a soft drink named after Dr. M! He’s so special. I guess no one would buy a drink named after The Bug, would they?

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  1. Loved State of the Bug, the geese, the sofa and Dr M! Hope it warms up for you guys soon.

  2. Dr.M is a good photographer. His bird pictures, the sunrise picture and the snowy picture are awsome.
    You look lovely in the State of the Bug picture.
    Glad you had a good time with friends at the Cheesecake Factory and at the Pub.

  3. I think I'm definitely getting old...bird watching just fascinates me now; we have 3 bird feeders in the backyard!

  4. I think the sheep play Rock/Paper/Scissors to decide, myself :).

    Love the sunrise picture and the ducks. And, really, you can't go wrong with deep fried mac and cheese!

  5. great pictures this week, but still far too much snow!

  6. They do sell a juice drink for kids called Bug Juice!

    I love all of the wildlife that you have in your pictures & way to go with the vacuum & mopping.

    Have a great week,

  7. OMGosh...I almost licked the screen ~ fried mac and cheese! Dear heaven, that sounds good. I've been dieting for over a week;) Hope you have a great week!

  8. my friend has a bird app on her phone. you can search all the bird, hear their calls, everything. very cool!! did I tell you that last week?

    the sunrise is gorgeous!!! If you have to get up early what a nice surprise to find!

  9. great the birds at the feeder and that is a very cool looking home...cheesecake factory, yum....

  10. You have beautiful pictures here, i love those bird. Great shot. Thanks for sharing

  11. I look so forward to the birds each week. Deep fried mac and cheese....interesting. Was it good? The furniture pic made me laugh out loud.

  12. Boy, do I need to vacuum... wanna come here? :c) The birdie next to Mrs. Cardinal looks like a White-throated Sparrow but can't really tell about the others so much. House Sparrows maybe?

  13. Jayne: most of our visitors appear to be house sparrows. They are a lot of fun, though, especially when it's warm enough for them to play in the birdbath!

  14. Love the bird pictures & the other wildlife!!!! Furniture is a great one. How do you get the black frames around you pitures? I love that idea. Thanks for sharing, Kim

  15. I would bet those sheep play "king of the hill". I love the underground railroad house! beautiful! especially surrounded by snow!

  16. Bug: You are too cute, with a mischievous look.
    Birds in flight--amazing!
    As are the ducks and geese, and all the nature shots!

  17. I've never heard of fried mac and cheese, is it good?

    I have a bird picture this week!

    Maybe that's the same sheep on the hay roll every time you drive by. Or maybe they play king of the hay roll and he just happens to be the one that pushed all of the other off.

  18. "I wonder how they decide who gets to go up there?"

    My answer: They draw straws...yuck yuck yuck...I just couldn't resist!

    Lost of winter going one where you are.

    I'm still pondering the furniture in the snowy field...

  19. I like the smile from having the mopping done... relief - yep!

    I thought my 9 degrees was cold... brrrr!!!!

  20. I'd buy a drink with a name like "Bug Juice" just for the novelty of it :)

    I'd love to be able to take bird photos like that!!! Mine are always blurry, even if the birds are sitting perfectly still.

    If Mr. Pig doesn't dress up for Valentine's day I will be SOOOO disappointed! LOL

  21. We have meijers here...I will have to look for the Dr. M pop.. Too funny. I love that you always post a state of the bug picture each week. Cute. You should join the 52 week project because you are already doing it :)
    The ducks are so cute. It has been way to cold here to visit them. My kids love to visit them and take them bread.

  22. Great photos, they are beautiful, the scenery on your "drives" is amazing. One of my favorite places is Cheesecake Factory, yummo! P.S. I am really (really really) short. 5'3" and the man is 6'5". I try to wear heels often but finally gave up, it does me no good! ha :)


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