Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Miscellany

In church yesterday I was looking across the choir loft at one of my Facebook friends (hey Kim!) who has been posting Black History Month quotes. Yesterday’s was from Bill Cosby: It isn't a matter of black is beautiful as much as it is white is not all that's beautiful. I think Kim is a beautiful woman (inside & out, actually) and I just really don’t understand why a person with her coloring would ever not be considered beautiful. I looked down at my hands and they were all pinkish looking & I wondered why this skin color was always considered preferable. Apparently the people who care about beauty weren’t in charge.

Lots of stuff to discuss about the Superbowl. Yay Packers! I’m not really a Packers fan, but maybe I will be now. I could use some fair weather. I missed the Star Spangled Banner – apparently it was butchered? But I did hear the little patriotic message read by Michael Douglas, comparing the Superbowl to World War II, JFK & MLK. I was fairly stunned – although I should know by now that the lengths we’ll go to promote this brutal sport are pretty outrageous. I enjoyed a lot of the commercials (LOVE the Detroit one), but others just made me go, “huh?” So really, a normal night of TV viewing. Except that the commercials on the History Channel are getting OLD. I do not want Magic Jack, I do not want it History Channel!

So I drove to work in the snow today. It wasn’t too bad, and apparently it’s supposed be clear (and extra cold) for the rest of the week. Of course, I at long last went through the car wash yesterday. Just couldn’t take it anymore. And, really, if I wait until the weather is clear then it might not happen until spring (probably not the best idea to wash the car when it’s clear, but the high is 20).

This is as much miscellany as I can manage today – I really do have other things to do besides blog. Really!

Have a great day!


  1. I spent my Saturday by the one who watches the rugby, trying to ignore the whoops and shouts as both England and Ireland won their games. Of such is love!

  2. Watching the Super Bowl is a ritual for me for two and a half reasons. 1) Commercials
    2) To learn more about football. I didn't grow up with it, didn't go to my first game until college (and in a momentary lapse of self-identity even donned a cheerleading outfit and, well, cheered!). There's lots to learn.
    2 1/2) Be able to converse somewhat knowledgeably for the sake of social (?) relevance.

    I thought the Detroit commercial was great, too. I was very disappointed that Budweiser didn't make me laugh or cry harder. Darth Vadar rocked. And so did Bridgestone. Doritos made me laugh, too.

    As Mondays go, your miscellany was apt!

  3. I know, right? brown and black skin is so lusciously creamy. Unlike my white spotty skin.

  4. I've noticed that dark skin in many countries, like India for instance, is considered undesirable. They have skin bleaching products. I agree with you . . . what makes this pale peachy skin so great?

  5. my oldest gets 'worked-up' about people's prejudices. that girl's all about the heart.

    we would completely shut down here if it snowed. for real. the threat of snow caused many schools to close. ha.

  6. Oh you get the Magic Jack commercial that repeats itself about five times in a row and the only thing that changes is the place where you can get it? Haaaaaaate that one.

    Didn't watch the Superbowl. Made popcorn and watched DVDs. Much more fun.

  7. I just watched National Geographic The Human Family Tree. Very Interesting. The eyes are the window to the soul....not the skin color. I always look into a person's eyes. I don't care for sports very not into Super Bowl. Hope your weather improves soon...and ours!

  8. We watched the Puppy Bowl! I've just never been that into professional football (or sports, for that matter).

    I have insanely fair skin and have to agree: What's so great about this? I burn easily and am practically helpless without a hat or sunblock (preferably I am in possession of both at almost all times).

    Also, speaking only for my heritage, it isn't as if the Celts age well, typically. So yes, vulnerable and prone to aging poorly. Woo and hoo. And huh?

  9. I love sports hate hype...yeah that doesn't always work out so well with me. But what I really despise is when someone who gets paid a lot of money and is a professional butchers the national anthem...not good.

    Happy Monday

  10. ok lets not talk superbowl...ack. beauty i think def is more than skin deep..ha it would be jsut my luck for it to snow the day after i washed my car...

  11. I wish I had missed the National Anthem. The talk radio host that I listen to in the morning had a great idea: let a group from the Armed Forces sing the National Anthem every year. I'm with him: I'd much rather listen to them anyway. And, there's not much of a chance that they'll mess up the song.

  12. Our history channel in the UK shows endless programmes about WW2

    I'm not into sport at all, but had a Super Bowl of cornflakes this morning if that is in any way, shape or form relevant?

    No? Oh well xx

  13. That would be an interesting thing to ask Dr. M to look into historically. Why cultures always try to be lighter? Even caucasian people would try to "outwhite" one another. Does it have something to do with reaching towards the divine? Curious thing to ponder indeed. Then, you have those in tanning beds seven days a week trying to be bronzy. Odd.

    Saw bits and pieces of the big bowl and missed poor Christina forgetting the words. I've always admired anyone who'd be brave enough to do it at all, so I can empathize with her.

  14. There are various theories about why pale whiteness is seen as more beautiful. I'll revisit them. In the meantime, we were talking about Christina last night, and the thing is that she has performed the National Anthem who knows how many times, the first at age six! She has also performed before many, many big crowds, etc., so it is almost inexplicable that she would mess up. Still, there is no stage in the U.S. like the Super Bowl: 100,000 people on site and 111,000,000 TV viewers! So I guess nerves got the best of her.


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