Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Miscellany

I wasn’t going to do Miscellany today, but there’s just so much to talk about.

  • Like how my Weight Watchers Ravioli kind of smells like the microwave does after you accidentally nuke metal (or is that just me?), or like my tooth does after it’s drilled. Should I be concerned? I’m eating it anyway.
  • Like how I wish I had brought my camera into the office so I could take a picture of the giant mountain of peas on top of the ravioli – I’m not very good at eyeballing portion sizes so I just dumped the whole thing on there. Eh – we all need extra peas every now & then, right? We won’t discuss how the container they were in had measurement markings on the side so I should have known how many peas I had.
  • Like how Annie Parsons is going to Haiti & you can download some of her songs to help pay her way (she leaves Friday, so hurry!). She is such a good singer/songwriter.
  • Like how I got to wondering about the fact that my gynecologist told me a couple of years ago that I would need to stop taking birth control for a period of time so they could do some blood test for menopause. But if I don’t have any symptoms because the birth control masks it why would I want to stop just to see? Does that make sense? And why am I thinking about it now?
  • Like how last night when I went to turn my computer off I started looking for the timesheet program so I could clock out. Clock out from the weekend. I guess that’s about right!
  • Like how I was complaining about our rain (I know – I’m such a whiner!) until I read Karie’s blog post about how we need rain for spring. So I’ll shut up now.
That’s probably all you can stand anyay, isn’t it?


  1. the peas on the ravioli was fantastic but you trying to clock out from your computer made me laugh til I cried. I feel like this place is my job sometimes too! Awesome!

  2. I know exactly what you toast has that taste metal, YUCK! lol!

  3. Rain? We got another 8 inches of snow last night!

    Love those peas. :-)

  4. peas? on ravioli?

    I always thought menopause was sort of obvious.

  5. I love your miscellany! Your ponderables always make me laugh. Have a glorious day my friend!

  6. Never shut up, please.

    And do not eat anything that smells metallic!

  7. I'm seriously behind reading blogs, and had lots of catching up to do with yours! As for the fen, it's not that you can't have them in Ohio, it's just that the only place that ever seems to name a fen a fen is in England. Or is my world just that narrow?

    Sorry about the ravioli. And the peas. I avoid peas, unless I can't. No dumping of peas on MY ravioli!

    I should send you a recipe that looks sort of interesting, speaking of ravioli and peas. Even though this recipe doesn't include ravioli or peas. It has a funny name, but I suspect it's quite good.

  8. I never saw beavers in action (sorry I`m late), and I don`t even have a microwave. I must be a Hinterwäldler, um, a Dweller behind the Woods. Nice posts, always. Though peas on ravioli make me look away.

  9. I'm with you. Give peas a chance. (That's all we are saying...)

  10. Smiling :)
    Anything that's supposed to be "lean" or "light" has a funny taste/smell in my opinion. But I have a solution! Add butter. Lots and lots of butter. Gets rid of the funkiness and tastes SO MUCH BETTER. lol


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