Going to the Dogs...

Hack hack cough cough. That’s pretty much all I have to say today. I was sick at the end of last week & all that remains is this fabulous door busting racket. It could also be allergies. In any case, my mucinex & my delsym have let me down & so all you’re getting is hack hack cough cough.

On the other hand, Dr. M has been paying attention to his surroundings & is actually lucid. You should check out his blog post here. There might be sheep, for those who care about such things.

Meanwhile, Marie (my sullen capricious teenage muse) and I will just sit over here barking at the screen for a while.


  1. LOL! Marie is perfect...sorry you're coughing again today :-( Thanks for linking my post.

  2. Yikes? Can you get Collis Browne's in the States? Not only does it stop the cough, it's got morphine in it. You don't care about anything after one tablespoon! And you sleep like a log.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. I enjoyed your posts with your relatives.

  4. sorry you are ill. get better soon.

  5. Feel better soon. I heard something that works for babies with a bad cough. Put vicks on your feet and wear socks. Sounds strange...but it might work.

  6. Oh...hope you're feeling better, soon. My cough really lingered, too. Now it's just an occasional tickle and hack.

    Off to see the sheep, because you do know that if nobody else cares about them, I do.


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