Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Miscellany

The miscellanea just flows from my fingertips…

·         I am so glad that Mother’s Day is over! Whew! It was rough this year. I was an introverted sufferer & didn’t go to church yesterday morning. I just didn’t want to talk about the weeping. But I’m a little more contained now. No offense Mom, but you’re going back into your Mombox for a while, ‘kay?

·         I’ve been waffling about when to have the surgery on my hip, but I’ve finally decided (I think) that I will go ahead & do it in August.

·         It didn’t rain yesterday! It was sunny & got up into the 70s. Very nice day.

·         My Dad & Amy won a gold medal for their comedy performance piece at the Senior Games on Thursday. Apparently my father dressed as a woman? And there was a bicycle involved? I’ve requested pictures. You know I’ll put them here if there are any to be had. In any case, we’re going to visit later this month & I’ll force them to recreate it for me. Ha!

·         My cousin’s daughter K (yes, the very cousin for whom I wrote the poem I posted yesterday) won the Eastern National Gymnastic championship for her age group on Saturday. She is one amazing young lady.

·         I know I’ve mentioned this before, but between K and my niece J (the acrobatic cheerleader) I feel like such a slug. Note: I will increase my activity by 15 minutes per day this week!

OK, that’s enough drivel. Happy Monday everyone! 


  1. I love drivel. It's my default language!

    I think I'll join you in the 15 mins increase. I don't eat lettuce, but I think my bum (butt?) is surgically attached to this chair.

  2. Superb drivel...please put up the pics of dad and the bike!!

  3. I can't wait to see those pictures!

    August is a good time for the surgery. Summer will be winding down, but you'll have done the rehab before the ice and snow. Good timing!

  4. Happy Monday to you too Dana! My overweightness (sounds better than obese) is a constant struggle for me. I think I get enough exercise with caring for 2 kids under 4...but I am still very over weight. Have a great week!

  5. ha. have fun increasing your activity...i should probably do that myself...

  6. Good luck on the increase in activity. There are days that getting up and exercising seems like the worst idea I've ever had but I feel virtuous after I've done it :).

    Keep us posted on the surgery!


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