Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ohio in Spring

I was all prepared to 
dampen your enthusiasm 
with tales of rain and woe
and frozen cement ponds 


Today is sunshine 
and crisp breeze 

and water sparkling
in the fountain. 

I’ll write my dirge another day.

P.S. Thanks for everyone's good thoughts yesterday - today was MUCH better. Especially after I looked at a calendar & realized what was wrong. I've written about this phenomenon before. Sheesh!


  1. Poor Sweetie, coming down with the "flu" again this month.

  2. That linthead is pretty smart...and loving.

    I love that first photo, although it looks pretty ominous after last weekend's storms down south!

  3. Yep. The monthly flu sucks the life right out of you. May the high pressure system blow those storm clouds right out of your life. At least for another few weeks.

  4. i love the photo of the stormy sky actually - but pleased to find you feeling chipper

    that means feeling good btw

  5. That storm photo is awesome. Enjoy your Spring, ours is about over out here.

  6. Thank the heavens, no more flue for this old lady! My nephew lives in Columbus ~~~ he was praising the sun yesterday on Facebook.

  7. How do you get those neat borders around your photos?

  8. mother used to say," land's sake Geraldine will you please put a note ion your diary"!
    But did the sky really look like that your way? Scary!


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