Saturday, May 7, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Nineteen

This was a pretty darn soggy week and I have the pictures to prove it. Lots of them, as usual :)

Sunday, May 1st
Just to show how soggy it’s been, we had a red winged black bird visit our back yard – they usually stay near marshy areas.

Dr. M & I took a Sunday drive & guess what we saw?

Monday, May 2nd
The State of the Bug – very amused at myself about my pockets. Read about it here.

Dr. M took a picture of some flooding.

And flowering trees.

And ouch!

Tuesday, May 3rd
Another flooding picture from Dr. M.

I do have to say that I’ve enjoyed how green everything is now!

Wednesday, May 4th
This time I took pictures of some flooding.

And then at home I took a picture of this plant in our front bed. What the heck is it? I thought it was one of the wildflowers from last year, but now it looks sort of thistle-ish – what do you think?

Thursday, May 5th       
Cinco de Mayo started out with a frozen cement pond. Brr!

I’m following you!

Friday, May 6th   
I took this picture of sheep on my way home. I apologize – I forgot to go by to get a picture of the Tax Time Pig dressed for Mother’s Day. I’ll try to remember on Monday – hopefully it’s the same.

Here’s the weekly squirrel. Just getting ready to do some dumpster diving. This is at Dr. M’s school.

On his way home he got another red wing black bird picture.

And here are some planes – we’re not sure exactly what they’re up to, but isn’t the sky pretty?

Saturday, May 7th
It was graduation day today. I went up with Dr. M. & hung out in his office during the ceremony. While I was there I took some pictures of his office.

Here he is in his regalia. Makes my heart go pitty pat. Sigh.

The sky was pretty cool on the way home – I think this picture looks like a painting. I call it Ohio Farm in Springtime. Heh.

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  1. We are definitely trailing you in gas prices and rainfall here in the deep south...WOWser!!!

    Have a great week!:D

  2. Your graduation is earlier than ours. I'll be watching my bosses dress in their regalia in about another week.

    Great nature pics again - so hope the SU and I can get back to our walks so I can work on those.

    And I have to say it :). "What's it got in its pocketses, precious?" :)

  3. I have been reading about all of the flooding...something terrible. Hope you dry out soon. Our HS grad is in a week and a half and this year Ryan is reading names so he gets to dress up in his robe and hood!! And YIKES to your gas prices...we are still in the mid 3.00 range. hope you have a great week

  4. Those pictures are awesome! Love the one of him walking in the rain. Your graduation is also earlier than ours, and we so need the rain. Lots of hype about forest fires this year.

  5. Graduation here is not for three more weeks. The flooding pictures are awesome. Loved my squirrel picture. What personality he has.

  6. when it blooms, be sure and take a picture.

  7. Inspires me to take more pictures of where I'm at to post. Very inspiring.

    And those sheep at the top of the post were adorable.

  8. I just ordered a plant identifying book and I wonder if it will be in there. I don't think Thistle, thought, wrong leaf.

    BTW, yup, he's a man in "uniform" alright. I bet he's tickled to pieces that you are still swooning!!

  9. BTW, I'm soooo jealous of all the squirrels you guys get to see! I don't have any out here in the country, they are only in the city.

  10. It is still a little soggy here but with back to back sunny dry days it is clearing up a bit. too funny about your pockets. Ouch is right our gas prices look the same. It hurts. like the graduation outfit. Pretty snazzy.

  11. Very impressive all dressed up!

    So much water! I hadn't heard that it was affecting your area that much.

    We have you beat on the gas surprise in CT. :(

    I always like your state of picture. You just look like a person who would be fun to sit down and talk to. Well, maybe that's also because I "know" you. :)

  12. That is some serious flooding! Glad your house hasn't suffered.

    Your gas prices are catching up to ours, I didn't see a change in ours this past week. Maybe they are waiting for this week?

  13. Great pic of the red wing black bird on the fence.

  14. I guess I enjoy pomp and ceremony. Always enjoyed graduations and the wearing of regalia and counting how many students I knew and greeting them.
    Does Dr. M have any plans for the summer months, or does he have to teach?

  15. FROZEN bird bath? Wow... Mother Nature has lost her marbles.

    I hear ya on the flooding! ... & the fuel. Ours hit $4.15

    Love the cap & gown!!!! Looks so INTELLIGENT just walking in it :)

  16. Tiffany makes me jealous. I paid $4.29 a gallon the other day (cash). I feel like I got fleeced...just like sheep.

    As always, you know me, I love your sheepy photos. I've a plan to put some sheep in my yard for a summer project. Details to follow.

    Stay dry.

  17. "Hmm. There's a similar 'rip' on the other side." LOL!!!

    Flooding is so freaky. Just something about it.

    I have never in my life seen a red-winged blackbird. VERY pretty, though!! We don't get those down this-a-way.

    LOVE that first squirrel picture. Beautiful!

  18. you never fail to disappoint with your great, entertaining pix. ;) i just can't imagine flooding and freezing... we have had warmth and drought. crazy. crazier are the gas prices, yes?!


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