Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday

As Thursday draws near I'm very thankful for our sturdy house and garage. We had quite a storm blow through here about 8:00. It was loud with sideways rain & hail. We lost power for about 2 hours & otherwise are mostly undamaged, unlike our neighbors whose houses & cars were blasted by the hail.

I've never been in such a storm before - our house sounded like it was being hit by gunfire. I'm amazed that no windows were broken. But when I consider how many families in other parts of the country who are without homes tonight I am extra thankful and humbled.

Dr. M's mother has been moved back to the nursing home. Her liver is failing, but they think that they can manage it with medication, for now. We appreciate your prayers & good thoughts for Dr. M's family.

We're getting ready to go through another storm in a few hours.So distract me - what are you thankful for today?


  1. Thankful for friends. This week is my first "free" week after my Bible Study ended. Each day I have met a friend for lunch, a bike ride, or a coffee. Today will be a bike ride to go meet a friend at a local lake for lunch nearby. Pure Joy.

    Glad you are safe.

  2. thankful for sun! we have had cold and rain A LOT lately- glad for safety be it ever so temporary- health, friends, family! the list could roll on and on.

  3. That hail is scary. I had that happen once and it did sound like rocks or gunfire hitting everywhere. Like you... I am thankful it wasn't worse.

  4. Glad to hear you made it through the hail storm okay. Today I am thankful that its Thursday which means its almost Friday which means is almost time for a three day weekend which means its almost time to move and I'll be REALLY thankful when that's over.

    My prayers are with Dr. M's mom and your whole family. Its not easy when someone close to you struggling.

  5. Man - hail can do some damage too!!! I'm thankful you are OK :)

    Prayers for Dr. M's mom too... so sad to see parents go through the aging process & all the problems :(

    Makes me THANKFUL for my health today.

  6. prayers for your fam for sure...

    and scary on those storms...

    thankful to reach 15 years in my marriage and still see a future...smiles.

  7. I'm thankful it's almost the end of the week and I barely noticed the time flying by.

    Hope Dr. M's mother improves.

  8. I'm thankful I live where I do, which has no violent weather of any kind.

  9. I'm thankful you and Dr. M were spared.

    I'm thankful for my grandkids.

    I'm thankful for another successful and safe journey into the city today.

  10. Thankful for Herself, my partner in life

    Thankful for my cats as well

  11. Dana, that is frightening, like rocks falling from the sky. I'm grateful you did not suffer damage. I'm thankful also that your mother-in-law has you and her loving family to watch out for her.

    I'm smilingly thankful for these hands typing that look so much like my mother's. ;)

  12. I've been MIA this week, erratic schedule here. But I'm thankful for lots of things, most of which presently escape my mind. Here are a few!

    Friends who drive an hour one way to help you pick up new furniture, and then don't complain when we go out to dinner afterward and we don't pick up their tab.

    Sales and coupons at Joann's.

    A husband who actually finishes cutting the grass the same day he starts it.

    Being spared damage from storms.

    And you! (I'm always thankful for you).

  13. much to be thankful for. We recently watched a movie and an older man said, "I am blessed with work". I thought that was such a great statement and sentiment. So yes, this week I have been blessed with work, which doing a wedding will invariably produce. I'm thankful for work!

    Praying God gives you extra, random reasons to smile today....kisses from the King!

    Be blessed, my Friend.


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