Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ode to Doug

It's time to jam again! Marie & I (that muse I talked about on Friday) finally came to an understanding & managed to write something new. The task this week, put to us by NanU is this: Forgetting. What did you forget? What did somebody else forget? What do you wish they would only forget!

Now, I've probably created an entire fictional story here, but this is what I remember. I met my aunt's boyfriend when I was very small. And here's what happened.

Ode to Doug

I hid behind her legs,
afraid of this tall stranger.
Did I look you in the eye?
Did I say, “hey?”
Or did I press my face
against her knee?
I don’t remember.
I don’t remember
you leaving
or how you died
in that foreign land.
I don’t remember
her grief
or how she held you
to her heart.
But I remember you now
and echo the song
“War, what is it good for?
Absolutely nothing.”

Tomorrow we honor those fallen in war. Doug's was Vietnam. I'll be thinking about him and all those other young men and women who made that sacrifice.

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  1. Oh yes ... a time to remember, never forget.

  2. Absolutely nothing, indeed. Thank you for this piece.

  3. A very moving piece of writing for right before Memorial Day! Thank you for this.

  4. I'm sorry for all the mothers and fathers and wives and husbands and children who have lost someone to the totally stupid and usually unnecessary folly we call war. I am also selfishly happy that my own son whose youthful folly caused him to join the Army Reserves and get sent to war was spared any harm.

    personally I think that before any government official (president, senator, representative, cabinet minister) is allowed to vote to commit this nation and our children to war, that they should be required to enlist first.

  5. We should never forget those who have obeyed orders, done their duty - and denied themselves a future. So sad.

  6. heart felt and very apropo for the weekend...i think all our lives have been touched directly or otherwise by war...there has to be a better way...

  7. It's hard reading the responses to the prompt this week: so much to reflect, and such emotion.
    I particularly like the three 'I don't remember's and then the 'But I remember you now'.

  8. I love the way you brought me into the picture with childlike intimacy and awe and then pulled the trigger. A poem with great depth and a powerful jolt.

  9. great poem said in a super way! thankyou!

  10. I agree-war is good for nothing. Except, of course, raising the popularity ratings of presidents and making money for the corporations who make the jets and weapons.


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