Saturday, May 28, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Twenty-Two

I lost track and there are two States of the Bug this week – and a blurry Tax Time Pig sighting. Woo hoo!

Sunday, May 22nd
On Sunday we drove back from NC. I had an allergic reaction to something and sneezed the whole way back, so Dr. M had to do all the driving. I did manage to take a couple of pictures. Here is the Ohio River as we’re heading back into Ohio from West Virginia.

And here I am. This is a recreation – note the absence of drool. I didn’t actually sleep all that much, but it wasn’t for lack of trying! Stupid nose.

Monday, May 23rd
Glad to be home, Dr. M took a number of pictures today. If you click on the one with the cardinal to make it larger you can see all the seed they’re flinging everywhere. These birds are a hoot!

Tuesday, May 24th  
Guess who drove by one of his favorite places today?

Wednesday, May 25th
Wednesday started out pretty good. We put out the new flag that Amy gave us (thanks Amy – I love it!).

But then that evening the hail storm hit. Go check out Dr. M’s blog to read more about it.

Thursday, May 26th       
Dr. M salvaged some of the flowers that were broken in the storm – aren’t they pretty? We’ve figured out (we’re pretty sure) that they’re a form of dianthus called Sweet William.

This poor birdie seems to still be shaken up from all of yesterday’s racket.

I did a drive by shoot of the Tax Time Pig but it’s not very good because another car was coming. I think you get the idea though.

Friday, May 27th   
Yesterday I had my annual gyno visit. This is what I saw outside the building. I thought that was pretty suspicious – they don’t still use rabbits for pregnancy tests do they? I promise that no rabbits were harmed during the production of this Project 365.

Second State of the Bug. You didn’t think I’d take a picture of my feet up in stirrups did you? Well, actually I did think about it, but I hadn’t polished my toenails.

 Saturday, May 28th
I’ve been knocked for a loop with all my coughing lately so I slept really late – and then took another snooze after breakfast. But Dr. M has been on the job for us. Here is a finch being confused – aren’t you on the wrong feeder?

And I love this picture of mama cardinal surveying the other birds. At least the finch has figured out which feeder to use in this picture.

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  1. ya know, I really like these weekly posts. all great pics and I get to eavesdrop on your life.

  2. I think it is both hilarious and brave of you to take a pic in the paper gown. I should get more dr. office pics- I'm certainly there enough these days!

  3. HAHA!!!! I so laughed that you took a picture in your paper gown! LOVE IT!!!! You are true P-365'er!!!! :)

  4. that little frog is too cute! I have a soft spot for frogs.
    I always love your bird pictures too. we put a feeder out for a few weeks, but never got any visitors. :-/
    the yellow bird is beautiful!!! so bright!

  5. great pics from your week.
    giggled at you taking a pic of yourself in that lovely paper gown. Daring!

  6. I don't have a bird feeder so I always enjoy your pictures!!!

    You are so funny....that paper gown is you dahling!!! :)

    And Rebecca Jo is write.....that's a true 365er!!!

  7. Love the birds and flowers.

    Don't you think those paper gowns could have a little more color or maybe some flowers to dress it up a bit.

    Enjoy your week !

  8. Bummer about the sneezing and the coughing -- hope you start feeling better!!!

    I've got to schedule my gyno visit but am waiting until after the other doctor stuff is over. I can only handle so much at one time, medically speaking :) You look lovely in white, btw...and the paper is so retro -- remember the 60s/70s use of paper, plastic, etc. in the fashion industry? LOL

    Great nature photos as always. I don't know if it's because I'm tired and silly but I started thinking up weird titles for the Finally the Finch Finds Friends while Foraging For Food...or "You always were a messy eater, Harold. Can't you keep your food on the feeder? I'm tired of always having to clean up after you!"

    I think I need to go take a Sunday nap :)

  9. hahaha, i loved reading your blog and all your comments, too...
    great pics again...
    i have a gastro appt tuesday to set up my 'c-scopy'...i don't even want to say the word, hahahahahah!

  10. You've a brave woman to take a pic in a paper gown. Actually, I might have done it too. :)

    Hailstones that big are no fun. Make sure you stay inside when it's happening, K? Take my word for it, it's no fun!

  11. Those hailstones are crazy. You reminded me that I've been putting off my gyno appt. I better call this week.

    Hugs & love,

  12. You crack me up! I can honestly say that taking a picture during my gyno visit didn't even enter my mind!
    I was outside this morning, and the birds were flinging seed everywhere. What's up with that? Are they being choosey about which seeds they eat?

  13. Is that gown calvin klein or Dior (maybe paper mache???)

    Wow that is some hail. Hail yes! Or Hail Mary? but I digress..

    Great nature pictures as usual! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Bummer about the cough...hope you are feeling better. and of course Tax Time Pig is sporting red white & blue...a true amerian pig! lol You are a brave woman posting a pic of you in your paper gown...all joking aside, hope your appt went well!

  15. I think you are right about those flowers, I have some in my yard only a different color. Sweet William, I think they will even come back year after year????

    Notice how I am completely ignoring your gyn picture:)

    I have to make my mamo and colonoscopy appointment next week...


  16. Your May 27 caption with you in your high fashion paper gown cracks me up.

  17. I'm scrolling down, reading about the bunny and a thought pops into my head, "She wouldn't ... " (scroll) "THERE she is!" Bwhahahah! You are so predictably unpredictable! Thank you for the glorious giggle!!

  18. Hate the yearly visit thing...but I do it. Love the frog picture. I have been tired this week too, but not from coughing...just from life :) BUSY.


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