Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Twenty

Well the Tax Time Pig enthusiasts are in luck this week – there are two pictures of it in new outfits. Also cement pond aficionados will be happy. 

If you get a chance, go check out Dr. M's latest post - it's for the birds (and squirrels). Really!

Sunday, May 8th
Woodpecker attacking the suet with vigor. I wonder how they don’t get dizzy from swinging around on that thing!

Monday, May 9th
The Tax Time Pig wishes everyone a happy Mother’s Day.

Tuesday, May 10th  
I arrived at work on Tuesday to see this little guy in the fountain outside our building.

And the State of the Bug is the look on my face as my boss & discussed the prospect of a fake whale scaring off the geese (yes, that’s what it’s for). I was highly amused.

Dr. M found some sheep on his way home from school – imagine that! Their wool appears to be in quite a bit of disarray. Talk about bed head!

Wednesday, May 11th
I took this picture (out the car window while I was driving) of the memorial to Sergeant Dulle (I wrote about him here). By Friday there were about four times as many flags & flowers.

Dr. M took a picture of the squirrel of the week – I love his ninja moves!

Thursday, May 12th       
The Tax Time Pig makes its second appearance this week encouraging us to not be crabby. Oh I wish I would listen to you Tax Time Pig, I really do.

For reasons unknown to me I was compelled to take a picture of the messy “bun” I wore to work on Thursday. I had bundled it up that way to put it under my shower cap that morning & thought, “meh – I’m done now.” In case you’ve noticed that I appear to be wearing the same necklace as you see in the Tuesday picture – it’s my badge lanyard. Dr. M’s school colors!

Robin in the cement pond. These pictures never fail to make me laugh. And wait until you see the ones for tomorrow!

Friday, May 13th   
One of our mourning doves decided to bathe today. Dr. M took a lot of pictures of it, but I’m only including the ones that made me laugh out loud – still a lot! Here he is just soaking for a bit.



Better get under my arms!

Oh that felt good! Let’s just shake some of this water off.


Saturday, May 14th
I took another picture of our strange volunteer plant in the front flower bed.

Now it has a few blossoms – can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s full of blossoms!

I told Dr. M on Friday that I was inundated with helicopters (maple seed pods, whirligigs – whatever you call them) on the way home – it was like hail, or a brown out or something. Here’s the aftermath in our driveway. They’re everywhere.

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  1. You are hilarious! :)

    Love the actions shots of the birds and squirrel especially!

  2. I personally love your hair, probably because I wear mine exactly like that almost every day! And I'm with you on the helicopters- our yard, driveway and porch are covered! Signs of respect are all over for Sgt. Dulle- my office is around the corner from the Warren Co. Sheriff's office. It was tough getting to my parking lot on Friday.

  3. You know that poor Tax Time Pig is gonna have an identity crisis sooner or later...

    New band name: Ninja Squirrel :).

    The bird shots were cool and the whale with the cheesy grin cracked me up; because, yeah, geese are gonna look at that and flee in mortal terror :P. The whale looks more like he should be wearing gold chains and asking the geese what their sign is!

  4. that crab look more like an octopus to me.

    love the shots of the mourning dove bathing. I watch them here too but I can never get such good pictures.

  5. Being a Detroiter, and a Red Wing fan, I know an octopus when I see one. I hate to tell that pig, but he's an octopus.

    I love your cement pond photos. Those birds look so happy.

  6. When my hair gets long...that is my favorite style. Looks great on you. Critters and birds are so fun to observe. It is great when you catch them on film. Our neighbor across the street has a helicopter Maple tree. Messy...

  7. the picture of the bird flapping its wings is great, as is the Deadly Ninja Squirrell

    But i love the pig

  8. i love whirligigs! i still get a little crazy anytime i see them.
    the bird pictures are great, too! and i'm diggin the messy bun. thats what i'm about to do with mine for church today.

  9. oh i love me a messy bun! wish i could wear it everyday like that!! and loving the action shots of those silly birds. and things that make you go time pig seems as though he is being attacked my an octopus not a crab, but funny nonetheless!

  10. I love your hair and wish I had hair long enough to do a messy bun. Loved the pig pics and the squirrels and bird bathing Great shots this week.

  11. Great photo series, and LOL state of Bug. But that poor pig, I feel sorry for him (ha ha)

  12. Your "amused" picture looks Slightly Sinister to me. As if you're plotting something involving that zippy looking whale.

    Just sayin'.

  13. AS usual I find your week's photos to evoke a combination of amusement and reflection. Love the ninja turtle, and that turtle dove sure knows how to strut the stuff!

  14. not ninja turtle, ninja squirrel

  15. Look at those birds bathing... so cute!

    I love the pig... cracking up at it turning into a huge crab!!!!

    Did you ever find out WHY that orca was in the fountain?

    "amused" looks good on you :)

  16. fun the birds especially

    the pigs made me laff and the whale, for sure!

  17. The photos of the dove shaking are phenomenal!

  18. *singing* Ninja, Ninja, RAP!
    (Obscure Vanilla Ice/Ninja Turtles movie reference)

    I'm loving the bathing beauties! I just can't stop watching birds in the bath. :P

  19. Are you sure the whale thingy doesn't double as adding clorine or other such thing to keep the fountain clean?

    Tax time pig was busy this week.

    Great pics of the birds taking baths!

  20. Tax time pig always gets me - I think I want one in our neighborhood. You notice I didn't say in my yard... too much responsibility to be creative. :-) The whale is hilarious with the sunglasses... you'll have to let us know if it works. Have a great week!

  21. Love the squirrel with his ninja moves. LOL
    Thank you for posting the two tax time pig pictures. Love the Mother's day cute.
    I hope that whale works. LOL

  22. You have the most entertaining animal visitors! And the Tax Time Pig looked a little crabby, I thought, to have that ginormous inflatable squeezing into his space. But the funniest photo was the shark infested fountain -- seriously, anything that funny couldn't scare a fly off.


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