Monday, May 16, 2011

Magpie Jam

My muse is still MIA (I think I might try to lure her out with some Ben & Jerry's later), but I decided to at least write something. The Poetry Jam prompt is Thunder & Lightening (thanks Butler & Bagman!), and the Magpie prompt is the picture below. I decided to combine those two incongruous prompts into one glorious sort of attempt.

See Spot Run

I wonder if it felt
like I had been
struck by lightening
that first time when
I knew that Dick was Dick
and Jane was Jane.
I devoured those
children and begged
for more please,
Trixie and Pippi and Heidi,
Nancy and Encylopedia Brown
and that Old Black Witch.
And I was just gone.
Burrowed into
the pages –
not resurfacing
until after the
storm had passed.

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  1. I can really relate to this one. I was recenlty going through old children's books to give to a dear friend who is having a baby soon. Every book brough back memories. Great books are wonderful treasures, like good old friends.

  2. Ah yes, the warmth of friends past, sharing time, the special moments teaching us to dream, to wander the world in a way that defines us.

  3. carried away by book thunder storm?

    love the take, very heartfelt and moving.

  4. Yes! Your muse is alive and well. You make me wonder if I felt an epiphany too, when my young brain put together the miracle of story-telling. Thank you for the sweet little trip down memory lane.

  5. A really relate able poem. Perfect. My magpie:

  6. Lovely verse. The first foray into reading..quite memorable!

  7. That was my truest love too..books and going to the brought it all back...

  8. ah yeah :) that's my life right there too.

  9. A wonderful take on diving into reading with storm outside.

  10. Your muse popped up to say HELLO. I read them all, loved them all, and so, of course, love this piece. Beautiful. But now you got me thinking about Ben & Jerry's.

  11. -Burrowed into the pages- that's me too, you brought memories back with this Magpie.

  12. Ah, old friends in your list! I love it.

    Have you seen the movie of the Neverending Story? The scene of Bastian in the attic absorbed in the book while the thunderstorm crashes around him ... shivery!

    Ice cream for breakfast sounds very appealing!

  13. LOVE IT!!!

    & I love getting caught in those storms even today :)

  14. This was a most successful and entertaining fusing of memes. Books can take you right away from every day events.

  15. oh i have been swept away by a book or two in my day...and cherries garcia usually helps my muse...smiles.

  16. See Bug. See Bug write. See Bug write great poetry!

  17. if you find your muse can you have a look for mine as well while you're there? Seems to have gone walkies

    Still, i like your pome :)

    Muse or no muse, top stuff

  18. The illuminating moment of lightning is a perfect image for that initial spark of inspiration from reading! Well done.

  19. Brilliant stuff!

    The joy of literature as a child - so many new worlds opened.

    Anna :o]

  20. My reading days began long before Janet and John, but I do remember reading Black Beauty when I was eight, so I must have learned to read from some other books!

  21. yes i was bookbound too =)
    a nice time =)

  22. There's something about curling up with a book that's special. Nice Magpie.


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