Tuesday, May 10, 2011



This way isn’t straight.
It’s out of my way.
Going in the
wrong direction –
just wrong

I sigh loudly
and mutter
and ignore
the winding
beauty of an
unknown road.

But this detour
is short and will –
eventually –
take me home
home home.

His grieving widow
and solemn-eyed children
wonder if perhaps –

Perhaps –

If it’s not too
could I go
out of my way –
just a bit –
while his broken
examine the site
of his final detour.

Just some catharsis going on here. I didn't know Sgt. Dulle or his family, but I did take a detour today because of his death. Read about it here if you'd like.

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  1. having spent a bit of time among sheriffs deputies back in the day...it is sad to see one pass int he line of duty...heart heavy for the family he leaves behind...

  2. your poem is a special and caring, sensitive embrace and honor to a heroes passing...your words lead straight to ones heart and will stay with all those who read your compassionate poem...

    hearts to you...<3

  3. This is so tragic. My thoughts and prayers are for Sgt. Dulle's family.

  4. Very sad. A lovely tribute, Bug.

  5. So very sad and senseless. What's sadder is that you could have written it 69 more times for the 69 others killed in the line of duty (so far) in 2011. Three of them were from Michigan.

  6. Oh what a sad situation. A beautiful poem in tribute.

  7. Powerful and heartfelt. Thank you for this, and for honoring the fallen with your words.

  8. You have such wonderful words for such a heart breaking situation. You really capture how so many lives are touched in this.

  9. Very tragic situation. Your poem is a beautiful response.

  10. How often we are irritated at inconvenience and detours ... until we understand.

    Thank you, Dana, for capturing this.

    You have an extraordinary gift.


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