Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Twenty-One

Lots of pictures this week – most of them flowers. Hope you don’t mind! 

Please be in prayer for Dr. M’s mother, who was taken to the hospital from the nursing home last Thursday with jaundice & an upper respiratory condition of unknown origin. When we saw her yesterday she seemed perkier, but we don’t know what’s causing the jaundice yet.

In lighter news, in case you missed it, I posted pics of Daddy & Amy in their skit outfits here.

Sunday, May 15th
On Sunday I took a couple of pictures of our neighbors’ irises (irisi?). Aren’t they lovely?

Monday, May 16th
It’s the weekly squirrel!

Tuesday, May 17th  
Dr. M took a picture of these lovely beauties that are all over our roadsides up here – I was so glad. It was another case of him anticipating the picture I wanted before I could even talk about it.

Wednesday, May 18th
Travel day to NC. Before we left I saw a red wing blackbird in our back yard again. Doesn’t he know that we’re not the side of a road or a swamp? Oh, maybe we are a swamp. Hmmm.

On our way down I had to take a picture of this billboard. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Thursday, May 19th       
I was sick this day – fever, croupy cough. So I sat around like a lump all day (hey, that is different than how I sit around all the other days thank you very much). I did get out & take some pictures of Daddy & Amy’s flowers & garden.

Friday, May 20th   
Daddy became convinced that I had not fulfilled the obligations of the card in this post & “made” me help him pick strawberries.

This is the State of the Bug – Pressed Into Service. For, um, about 15 minutes.

While I was slaving away, Dr. M was doing what he does best – capturing his home county on digital media. We just like the play of light & shadow on this one.

And guess what he found?

Saturday, May 21st
Saturday morning I took another couple of pictures of flowers. And I was trying to capture the oasis that is my father’s place, but I don’t think it’s translatable into a picture. It’s green grass and mature trees & flowers at every turn. Shade & sun and barking dogs. The smell of baking bread and something simmering for dinner. It’s my other home. Where I eat the leftovers for breakfast.

In the afternoon I went up to my aunt V’s house and spent a nice time visiting with three of my dad’s sisters (where the heck were you Lila? You were supposed to know by osmosis that I was there you know). I don’t know why, but I enjoy shocking these ladies (except maybe Mimi, I don’t think she’s shockable). Even so, these are the faces of some folks I love and admire a lot. It’s not their fault that I revert to adolescence around them :)

While I was there I took some pics of V’s flowers. Love the volunteer petunia that grew at her garage door. And the calla just makes me sigh – so pretty!

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  1. Love the flowers. That is why spring is my favorite season!!

  2. love the pictures - even the billboard

    Should i put the kettle on for him?

  3. Wonderful pictures. That billboard will be something to look back on I think...

    But I really loved the flowers growing in the old chair. That's just too awesome.

  4. Sounds like my kind of vacation. I love the gardens and family fun and remember the feelings of turning back to a younger self around relatives. Except when they bring up embarrassing moments. Will pray for Dr M's mother....

  5. Great pics. Love seeing you picking berries. Well done, you.

    Many prayers for M's mother, and for M, too. xx

  6. sheep? I'm surprised!

    love all the pics especially the volunteer petunia. and the one of the strawberry bed. so many!

  7. all those certainly live in a land of beauty...

  8. Dear The Bug,
    Oh, I loved all of these but I laughed out loud that the sheep showed up!!! ha ha ha!!

    I have never seen a pink calla lily before. What an amazing shot!

    Thanks for sharing them,
    Ann T.

  9. Your flower pics--
    What a feast for the eyes:
    the deep purple of the pansy,
    a yellow iris?!
    a pink calla?!
    and those plastic-looking...?
    Me thinks I'll take my computer
    to floral oil painting class
    for ideas from your array.

  10. So many beautiful flowers in this post. I love them all. We had all kinds of those billboards around here too. Sorry to hear about Dr. M's mother. I hope that she is ok.

  11. beautiful flowers and what a wonderful garden. Wish there was someplace close to pick strawberries here...YUM!


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