Monday, January 25, 2010

Branches Against the Sky

Branches Against the Sky

I feel melancholy
at what feels like the triumph
of personal and corporate economies
over care of my neighbor.

Bev with her scars
sees herself as Annie Oakley,
fighting for all the uninsured,
fighting to keep us all well.

I am not Anne Oakley.
I’m only The Bug
wailing at the stars
with my head in the sand.

I think I’m in the dark -
but I can see the bare branches of trees
outlined against the sky.


  1. I like that you compared Bev to Annie Oakley. Colorful and fun, juxtaposed with the melancholy beginning and end.

  2. I don't think you're in the dark. Not all of us are called to rail against the system in public ways. Sharing the journey in poems works its own magic.

  3. Making your space (and by your space, I mean the area in which you live, travel and affect) a better place by being a good person is just as valuable as the work of someone who chooses a more public platform. Sweetie.

  4. Havin a caring heart is what counts. And making beautiful poems.

  5. Lovely and thoughtful.

  6. I feel like wailing but I'm trying not to. Anything could happen! I'm trying not to visualize the worst.

    Oh you are so NOT just a bug, my dear!!


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