Friday, January 15, 2010

Unrelated Paragraphs

  • This week I lost .5 pounds, but more importantly I got my lazy caboose out of bed & worked out. Just for 15 minutes, & just on 3 days – but I just started Wednesday, so I'm pretty pleased with myself. Next week I expect to see even more progress - & I plan to discuss some excellent food choices with you. As soon as I figure out what those might be.
  • So there's this guy at work who collects egg cartons. One day I asked him why – his daughter has chickens & sells the eggs. I like the idea of reusing instead of just recycling, so I told him I'd bring mine by as I accumulate them. I put one on his desk on Monday when he wasn't there. Why am I the kind of person who wants to be acknowledged for her good deed? Every day this week I've had to bite my tongue as I walk by his desk, prepared to casually mention as I glance at the cartons still on his desk, "Oh, I see you got mine!" (Flicking self in the forehead)
  • I tried to give blood yesterday, but was denied! Apparently there is a new strain of HIV that they can't test for? And people living in Zambia during a certain period of time might have this strain? So now I'm permanently banned from giving blood! I need to research this further. I do not enjoy giving blood - but I liked that I was able to help another person by donating.
  • I WON something else! I'm on a roll I tell you! Gretchen from Second Blooming was giving away the Classic Sampler from Saltistry Artisan Infused Sea Salts, the most amazing, delicious, decadent salt in the world. Five flavors - Lemon Thyme, Herb Grey, Six Pepper, Genmaicha, and Smoked Chili. I thought these would be just the thing to help make healthy food even better (in moderation people!), so I entered the contest & I won! Thanks Gretchen!
  • This has been Way Back Week on Facebook. I change my profile picture practically daily, so of course it was no trouble at all for me to participate. Here is The Bug's 9th grade school picture. I know – I'm a poster child for the 70s. And, really, I look like a boy. I wonder if I cut my own bangs? Looking at that girl would you guess that she's the grammar police? She gets to wear those braces for two more years - woo hoo!


  1. Congratulations on your big win! The whole salt thing is a challenge, so what fun that you have some variety to add variety to your healthy food. You're right, I wouldn't have pegged that seventh grader for the grammar police, but that's sort of what I like about people. You just never know what lies behind the surface, and what fun to discover those tidbits!

  2. Love that photo.

    So, you've been exercising 15 minutes. I'm so bad about exercising and I think this is what I need to do. I always put it off because I hate it and don't want to give it the time required, but I think I could do 15 minutes. At least it's a start. Maybe 20??

  3. Lots to celebrate here Dana. Weight lose, a Salt win and exercise. The flavored salt sounds interesting. I use Lawry's seasoned salt and pepper. Probably not healthy but that is as far an adventure as I have gotten.
    I give blood on a regular basis and I cannot believe how they limit the donors. Even England is on there, and I am not sure why. It almost sounds like if you do any overseas traveling, you may not be able to donate. They have their reasons, I am sure. Just being cautious.

  4. Way to go on the exercising! I find it helps to start slow and eeease into it.

    I've been denied before for giving blood too. I was also taken aback, but at the time I didn't weigh enough (this was YEARS ago). I didn't appreciate being turned down whatever the reason!

  5. Congrats on the 15 minutes! I do 6-9 minute ab routines exactly because they are less than 10 minutes at a pop. Sometimes that's all I can manage.


    cool vest.

  6. Four unrelated comments:

    1. Congrats on the weight loss. It feels really good to see that on the scale.

    2. We just need a pat on the back sometimes for our good **pat pat pat** good job Dana.

    3. Crazy huh??

    4. Winner winner chicken dinner!! Yipee


    p.s. love the pic...been there done that look!!

  7. They won't let me give blood either. I think it's part of the overall discrimination against Africa.

  8. Well done on the weight loss. I managed just one session this week on the stationary bike. Still, it's a start. When I was a kid I cut my fringe (bangs) a few days before school photo day. My mother was furious!

  9. I seriously have to say that doing the walking first thing in the morning is the key for me to be compliant. If I just make myself get up and do it, then I am done and I do FEEL so much better! You go girl!

  10. Its fantastic that you lost 5 lbs this week, I'm doing a dance of joy for you. I think the hard thing is trying to make exercise a routine (something I've struggled with on and off). I figure I'll be fighting that dragon for the rest of my life.


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