Monday, January 11, 2010

A Snuggie of a Different Kind

As far as I can tell, there are several camps in the Snuggie Wars. Those who are aghast. Those who are FOR. And those who are aghast but secretly wear them anyway. I like the concept of a Snuggie – but I was always bumfuzzled by the backless nature of the thing. Sure it's great if you want to read a book on the couch – but what if you're at your computer 24/7 (hypothetically speaking)? That open back & an office-type chair? Draft city!

So Dr. M went in search of a better thing for me - & boy is it better! It's a Cuddlewrap (go here to read all about it). We call it my wigwam, which I'm sure is at least marginally offensive, but it's almost as big as a dwelling & has what appears to me to be a Native American-type pattern.

Here are some pictures of me demonstrating its magnificence. I am dismayed by my double chin. It mostly appears when I'm looking down. I forget about it because I don't see it that often. Sigh. But that's what my new healthy lifestyle is about, right? Getting rid of that thing! Also, my hair doesn't look nearly as red in these pictures – it looks more like what I expected – brown hair with copper overtones.

Here I am all zippered & snapped.

See? It has a back!

Here I am demonstrating one of its many uses. Right after this picture was snapped I went to get clothes out of the dryer. See? Versatile!

This is Dr. M's Anti-Snuggie – an old giant robe of mine LOL! He took this picture with his cell phone, which doesn't have a flash, so sorry for the poor quality. Doesn't he look like some kind of wizard in this picture?

There you have it – my entry into the Snuggie Wars.


  1. It's like one huge woolly sock!! :D

  2. I think wigwam is a very apt name. And it may well be suggested by the pattern, but what's most important is that IT WORKS! As for Dr. M's anti-snuggie I have one word: fetching!

  3. I like it...! You look as snug as a bug in a rug. And I like your hair too. Very pretty. :-)

  4. OK someone MUST remember that this is not a new invention. I KNOW that I owned something similar to this when I was a teenager. It snapped to create arms so you could function with it on you. BTW my kids LOVE their snuggie...but I would prefer the item that you now are the proud owner of.

    Great pics


  5. Ha! I knew I wasn't the only human being who uses the word "bumfuzzled"!! No one seemed to know it when I used it in a post last week! "The other teams soon found themselves bumfuzzled and feeling out of their league."

    I like the looks of your "wigwam" much better than the Snuggies I've seen.

    Here's the post the quote came from:

  6. Perfect for sitting at the computer when I wake in the middle of the night. I'm always freezing. I find a big old blanket and wrap it around myself, but it's always falling open.

    Love, love, love the photo of Dr. M.

  7. I like the wigwam. It occurred to me that you don't like the Snuggie because of the draft from the open back yet, in the picture of you using the wigwam your on the couch anyway. That really made me lol. :)

  8. Sure they're warm but really...are we that old? Isn't keeping us warm is what our men are for?

  9. oh my, i am jealous!!!! my husband bought me a snuggie and i must say, i love it. but i also love my big robe. and blanket. really, anything that can keep me warm. :)

  10. Oh dear thank you for the great laugh. You are tooooo funny. And where on earth in the digital kingdom did you find those oval framey things? Brilliant.

    I really lost it with Mr. M's anti-snuggie.

  11. It does look like the perfect warming wear in this frigid weather. And Dr. M looks like a Wizard or a King. :D

  12. Melissa - I thought the same thing after the fact - I should have posed at the computer. Doh!

    Kimberly - well, Dr. M IS very warm, but he gets in my way while I'm blogging :)

    Ruth - I know there must be an easier way, but I have a complicated system that works for me:

    1. Put image in Word 2007. Choose the frame & other effects you like.
    2. Make the margins 0 all the way around (don't let Word "Fix" it for you).
    3. Make the paper size the size of the image.
    4. Save the image as a .pdf file.
    5. Save the .pdf as a .jpg file.

    See - complicated! But it only takes me about 5 minutes per picture (depending on how much I dither). I'm sure there are actual photo editing programs that will do this easier!

  13. Now THAT looks warm! I think the 'idea' of the Snuggie is good, but the commercial is so... cheezy??? :c) I like your wigwam better.

  14. I really like that wigwam wooly blanket. And the Native American pattern is so cool. You modeled it so well and they should pay you for advertising. Or give you a cut for any of them that they sell due to your blog.

    I wish I could get rid of my double chin and maybe I need to start eating healthy like you are doing. I need to start exercising or at least walking a few days a week. Glad that you are doing well, I only hope that I will be half as successful as you.

    And Dr. M sure does look comfy in his robe, I love comfy clothes.

    I will have to think about getting the wigwam, but I pretty much like the cold due to the fact of having this built in menopausal heater. It would be great if they could make some kind of blanket that kept you cool during the summer or when I was having a hot flash. If someone invented that, they would be a millionaire in no time at all. Menopause sucks due to the heat.

    God bless.

  15. I'm absolutely in favor of anything that creates warmth. Hey, it's responsible, too. The more snug you are? The more control over your heating bill you will have. It's Green to make yourself Snug!

    I like your way of being snug and warm. You can still move about easily. My husband bought me a Snuggie, and was dismayed when I let him know I am very, very anti-Snuggie. I'm appalled at the thought of something that makes lounging on a couch less effort. Hello Sloth Nation.

    But we took pictures of me in it, before I gave it to charity, because it was just that amusing. Those Snuggies aren't made for moving, in fact, they actively discourage it by being too long in both sleeves and the hem.

    I like your solution much better because having the back covered is so that you can move about, if need be.

    Go warmth!

  16. Your wigwam looks like just the thing I could do with right about now. I thought Dr M WAS some kind of wizard. Isn't he?

  17. Of COURSE Dr M looks like a wizard in your robe, you ARE the wizard! (and btw, he looks like an EVIL wizard, bwahhahahaha)


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