Monday, January 18, 2010

The Damp Chill

We drove through the damp chill
gazing at farms and fields
and country houses

And found the town
a little larger than ours

And drove through the park
with frozen water
and cold geese

And daydreamed about
buying a house
just there


  1. Daydreaming about a house in a particular location when the weather is so dreary and raw is spectacular evidence that you're on to something. Nice poem.

  2. Absolutely lovely in a Round Midnight sort of know the jazz tune with its bleak melodies but so beautiful that you think surely the writer was mistaken..this is a grey day but there is all sorts of beauty to it.

  3. Bug,
    Lovely images and lovely words. Wistful.

  4. Beautiful poem bug and I love the sign in the last photo. Perfect.

  5. I love the pictures especially the thin ice sign. Boy skating on thin ice should be a sign I carry with me at all times!!


  6. When enlarged, the pictures look stunning. I particularly liked the first one and the one with the geese in the frozen water.

  7. oooh...that definitely looks like a damp, chilly place. nicely done!

  8. Wonderful photo poem. Enjoyed seeing the touches of "cold" as I swelter in 80 degree temps at 11 p.m.

  9. I have nothing to say about the damp chill, just wanted to wave at you from across the room.

  10. Wonderful picture poem. Sometimes when out travelling one wishes the wheels would never come to a stop.


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