Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sundays in Zambia

This Sunday I'm telling the story about how much I was loved by the missionary kids (MKs) while I lived in Lusaka. Ha! It was the same kind of love where the boy pulls your pigtail. I'm pretty easy to pick on - people find it enjoyable for some reason. But I enjoy it. I get this trait from my mother.

Anyway, on this particular occasion we were having a going away party for one of the missionaries and a volunteer. We had a great time with a meal and a program. I was innocently enjoying all the fellowship. Then I was told to go outside to look at my truck (a Toyota double-cab). This is what I saw:

Yes, that is newspaper filling the double-cab truck.

I had some help with the cleanup. The whole mission had been saving up newspapers for weeks.

I got distracted. What? I love comics!

These are the culprits - two MKs home on a school break. I look like an idiot because one of them had just gooched me in the side right as the picture was taken. Really, that's the reason. I didn't always look like an idiot. I promise.


  1. Our "friends" did exactly the same thing to our car when Linda and I got married. Not only did they tie tin cans to the bumper but they filled the car with copies of the National Enquirer and other papers of that sort. Took us hours to get all those papers out of the car, in part because Linda kept finding interesting stories she wanted to read. lol

  2. How funny was that! I guess they pick on you because you are a good sport about it.

  3. Ha! You don't look like an idiot to me..just someone that is having fun!

  4. My favorite picture is the one before the last. You look so sweet,with your lovely black curly hair, standing there and reading the newspaper amid all the mess. I'm sure that you were very popular and boys found you very attractive. Those were the days.. as the famous song goes.

  5. I wish I could have seen your reaction when you first saw this, however thank you, you have just given me a good idea for getting even with a friend!

  6. Bug, you look adorable, standing there, serenely reading the newspaper! As for the "I'm getting goosed" picture, don't feel bad. I swear someone once took a picture of me in which I looked like Jack Nicholson coming through the door with an axe in The Shining.

    And no one was goosing me. I was just having a conversation.

    However, you're a much better person than I am, because I dutifully destroyed that picture, and the negative rather than admit it into evidence.

    I love your posts about Zambia, by the way. Thank you so much for sharing them. We only tease people we really like, remember...and I love that everyone was saving newspapers for ages. You have to be a very loved person for that many people to make an effort in the teasing :-)

  7. Oh this has cheered me up! When we got married, someone put the little puched-out bits of paper (chads) from computer punch cards into the heating vents of our car so when we turned on the engine, all these tiny white bits of paper flew out and covered everything. When were stuill finding them a year later.

  8. When we got married they filled our car with helium balloons (in our reception colors - black & gold) AND a squillion styrofoam peanuts. The balloons caused our first marital spat as I swept them aside INTO Dr. M's face while he tried to drive away from the church. And the next day was spent at a car wash vacuuming out the peanuts. Years later one would come floating out of the car vent.

  9. I must live in a cave or something. I had never heard of filling up a car with newspapers. I would have to stop and read them also..especially the comics!


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