Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project 365 - Week Five

Sunday, January 24th

Dr. M & I took a road trip to a foreign Walmart (well, it's the one that's 22 miles away instead of the one that's 1 mile away). Along the way we took a picture of my favorite sheep. None of them were standing on hay bales, but they're still pretty cute I think. And a little muddy from all the rain last weekend.

Monday, January 25th

On Monday Dr. M took a few photos around his campus. There's a railroad track along the edge of campus which feeds Dr. M's train obsession.

Tuesday, January 26th

I have two pictures from Tuesday. The first one was taken while I was driving to work. I'm pretty sure I wasn't driving more than 60 mph at the time. Really, the only dangerous part was trying to figure out how to turn off the flash while I was driving (shut up K – I'm a good driver!).

The second picture is our dinner Tuesday night. Dr. M just throws a bunch of stuff in a pot, makes some rice, and voila! Dinner!

Wednesday, January 27th

We have two pictures from Wednesday too. I broke my work badge and told them I wanted a new picture for my new badge. My coworker A & I were trying to figure out how to get a good picture & she told me to not smile. I really tried, but I started laughing - & this picture was the result. We ultimately decided that the turtleneck was doing me no favors (I looked like a scoop of ice cream on top of a cone) & I tried again the next day wearing something different.

At about the same time I was trying to be photogenic, Dr. M was getting his hair cut. He decided to record his curls for posterity. Note: NOT a good idea to get your hair cut in January. Just sayin.

Thursday, January 28th

Dr. M took a picture of the beautiful moon in the sky on Thursday.

Friday, January 29th

On Friday, Dr. M took another trip through the park we visited last week. This time there was a bit more snow on the ground.

Saturday, January 30th

Last year we added a sheep to our collection. I christened him "Cornflake" because I decided that his "wool" looked like cornflakes in a bowl of milk. This year we got a penguin from the same artist (Sara Meadows!). I wanted to put the penguin near Cornflake & the best place seemed to be on top of our computer router. But I kept calling it a modem, so I named her "Modem."

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  1. The moon is very photogenic in your picture. So is the dinner plate with the food on it.
    Rice goes well with everything, it just takes long to cook if you want it to be delicious.

    Nice photos of you and your hubby. I like them both.

  2. I love the picture of your new "badge". Cracked me up. Your outdoors pictures are always so great. I can just feel the space if you know what I mean...probably not.


  3. That moon was so bright. Wednesday night in the city even though it was not quite full, it was like daylight out there. Of course, the SEVEN streetlights on our block helped out.

  4. Dr M looks oh so serious about this haircut and I had to giggle at you trying so hard not to laugh. Very good photos as usual.

  5. Nice photos.

    Dr. M looks as if the haircut is painful.

  6. These were a nice varied lot of photos this week. Dr M did look like he was in pain. We had a hugely bright moon here this week. Is it me or is moonlight getting brighter all the time?

  7. I enjoy your commentaries just as much as the photos (which are always great, by the way) :-)

    Modem is a GREAT name for your penguin!

  8. Lovely pics!

    Love the one you took on the road! Cool.

    Dr. M, please, come throw something in a pot at my house!

    Love the work/haircut pics and the picture effect. We need a tutorial!! Tell us how to do some of that fancy stuff. :)

    Modem & Cornflakes are cuties!

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. you're funny naming your artwork...cracking up...
    love Cornflake and Modem :)

  10. looks like it is very pretty where you live!! My son loves trains too, has since he was a little boy!

    love the shot of the moon!

  11. Your badge picture cracked me up and awesome moon pic.

  12. "stuff" with rice sounds good.

    I wanted to take a pic of the moon, too, but it was just too dang cold...I prefer ABOVE freezing temps!

  13. Laughing with you about the badge picture...

    Love the moon in the sky picture....

  14. Love the moon shot and the colors it cast over everything!

  15. stuff with rice sounds like my kind of dish. ha!

  16. i tried to take a pic of the moon...i didn't turn out as nice as yours. however, i laughed out loud at your new badge photo, and FYI you do not look like a scoop of ice cream! LOL. great outdoor photos!!!

  17. I remember college or seminary days throwing everything in the pot. :)
    Funny pics and commentary ;)
    Lovely moon.
    I sent the Saramics website to hubby and daughter. Fun!

  18. Do sheep sometimes stand on top of hay bales??!!??? I'm a bit more of a city girl, so I don't know these things. I'd love to see something like that, though!!

  19. Ahhh so glad to see I'm not the only one driving down the road and taking pictures! lol


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