Monday, January 4, 2010

Where I Thought I Would be in 2010

Lee Ryan from Occasional Notes had a post the other day about where he thought he would be in 2010 a year ago up through 35 years ago. I was entertained by it & decided to steal it for my blog. Although, frankly, my imaginings aren't nearly as interesting as his. But they're written & ready to post & that's the important thing. Really.

One year ago: I thought I’d still be living near Cincinnati because it looked like Dr. M wouldn’t be able to get a new job (the job market SUCKED last year).

10 years ago (2000): I thought I’d be living in a small college town walking to work while Dr. M was teaching. It could still happen – if I get a job near his new school. If the economy ever gets better in that area.

15 years ago (1995): I thought I’d be living in western NC somewhere while Dr. M taught high school.

20 years ago (1990): I was terribly afraid that I would be a pastor’s wife.

25 years ago (1985): I was a junior in college & figured I’d be a high-powered CPA in 2010 (although frankly I couldn’t even IMAGINE being this old!).

30 years ago (1980): I was going to be a librarian! Never mind that I could not figure out the Dewey Decimal System to save me…

35 years ago (1975): I was almost 11 & really couldn’t think beyond my next book. But I’m pretty sure that when I imagined a future career it was in a library.

I’m noticing that all of my dreams after I met Dr. M revolve around his career. Hmmm. I’ve always had trouble figuring out what I want to do with my life (ever since I nixed the CPA thing – whew!). Perhaps now, at 45, it’s time to clean the rust off that area of my brain…

P.S. When  I scanned in the 4th grade picture I realized that there is a blob of ink on my nose. I can't tell if this ink was put on the picture after the fact or if I actually had ink on my nose when the picture was taken. Guess I'll have to see if there are other copies at Daddy's house. Heh. I tried to fix it but all my efforts made me look like I had three nostrils. I decided to leave it, because I was the kid who might have absent-mindedly put an open pen in my nose. Just sayin.


  1. Heehee, LOVE the ink blob...and it's in the perfect spot, too. What a cutie!

  2. My mom has always warned me that life was full of plan B's. I always try to remember that whenever I'm planning anything..but I DO love to plan; to organize and set away, to feel like I'm changing something. I think 2010 is most definitley your year.

  3. God, who can remember back that far! I'll tell you where I thought I'd be in a flying car!

  4. I think there is a saying that goes...You are as cute as a bug in a rug...I know those sayings as goofy, but you really are cute. I can't see the ink spot, but that would be cute also.
    I thought I would be living the "Jetsons" life style by now.

  5. Love how that ink blob steals the show! :-)

    I never ever thought beyond 1999 or something.
    Wait, no, oh, I think I hardly ever tried to look that far into the future, I only happened to land in 2010 without being asked! ;-)

    Once upon a time I left a workplace, a country, a continent even, to marry, have kids, seventeen years went by until I had an opportunity to sit into the same office chair I had left when I got married. Oh, hello, I said, to the woman I encountered there. She looked vaguely familiar. An old acquaintance, perchance? It was me, and I hadn't even realized that I had been missing. I wonder if these encounters happen to men too.

  6. That fourth grade photo is adorable and the ink blot gives you character.

    This was a great exercise. I'm not sure I even thought about where I'd be at this point in life. I'm going to have to give this some thought.

  7. I guess I never thought about where I would be when. That kind of sums me up.

  8. I've just tended to bumble through life with no plan whatsoever and don't think much about the future. Maybe I should, it would be a good exercise. Youn were way cuter that I was as a kid.

  9. I love the ink blob...but I am sure it happened AFTER the picture. Even if it didn't I just love pictures that truly capture a child. Like one of mine at the age of 2 just screaming. I told the photographer, who was trying desparately to make her smile, to just take the picture. That was who she was at that time.

    Just love the thoughts along the way...great post.


  10. I`m sure you put the ink there yourself. You look as if you did it on purpose, even! Great pictures and thoughts. I`m glad that no one pressed you into being a pastor`s wife! (I once had a proposal, too, of a pastor-to-be, and was glad I could escape). Funny how life works while we had really planned something else.

  11. Fantastic pics. You are such a doll and always have been.

    I didn't even try to imagine 2010. Imagining 2000 was crazy enough for me!


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