Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Considering Last Night's Dream

In my dream, my mother is downstairs waiting for me. She’s probably ironing. I don’t remember what was going on in the dream – I had to finish doing something before I could go down to talk to my her. I had a question to ask her.

I wonder what the question was? Even as I dream I think, “Remember this!” But I awaken and it fades away while I grasp at wisps. I can almost see them floating away.

Today I’m thinking about the dream & remembering a pair of pants folded over a chair – they need ironing in the worst way. I’m wondering if I will do that task tonight, and if I will wash the sheets, and maybe dust as well.

I’m also wondering if my reluctance to do these tasks is more than just sloth on my part. Am I rebelling against my mother when I don’t keep a tidy house? She’s been gone five years. In addition, I am forty six years old. I think it’s time for all the demons buried in my psyche to just grow up already.

But the dream wasn’t about housekeeping. I’m pretty sure. It was probably about the accumulation of five years worth of things to tell my mother. Only my subconscious really knows.

I wish my subconscious was a little more forthright. I’m kind of a literal girl. At this rate it could take eons before I know what’s going on - & by then we’ll be on a whole other topic.

I wonder what I’ll dream about tonight? Probably about booking an appointment with a therapist!


  1. I dream about my (dead) father from time to time. Usually, I assume it's his way of letting me know he's still checking in on me. Just a visit. No stress.

    Not everything is fraught with deeper meaning.

    Of course, your mileage may vary.

  2. Oh, I had one of those weird dreams the other night and I did manage to remember it for a couple of hours. Didn't write it down though and now it it gone, gone, gone.

  3. Hmm, Mom stuff. I suspect it didn't have to do with housework, either. Sorry I can't help.

    I have had some "full" dreams lately. I don't know what else to call them. Full of interesting stuff, places, people, dynamics, quandaries. The only recurring dream I seem to have has to do with places I've lived (as in the houses themselves). They're never the actual house, but they function as such in the dream. i can never put my finger on what that is all about. I wish I could remember them sufficiently to write them down when I wake so that I could look for patterns and such. Mysteries, they are. Pure and simple. Or not so simple, you know?

  4. My daughter got me hooked on interpreting my dreams a few years ago. Fascinating stuff. There's nothing wrong with cleaning and ironing, but there's certainly more meaningful things in life. (my two cents)

  5. I had a dream like that recently about a close family friend who had died . . . I was so, so happy to see him, and woke up sad that it wasn't true. But then I thought of all the people I've never dreamed about who are gone and hoped maybe some of them could come back in a dream. I think it's just wist-ful dreaming.

  6. I hope your dreaming isn't keeping you up at night!! I think you just miss your mom...and a tidy house is WAY overrated.

  7. It's a common problem, forgetting dreams I mean. My mum has a Dictionary of Dreams, and my whole family uses it from time to time. Whether it one can be sure. But I do think that dreams do mean something, for YOU dreamt them, didn't you? :)

    I just happened to come across your blog and other than all that I said above, I have one more thing to say. And that is, nice blog design! Haha, but really. :)

  8. It's actually quite a beautiful dream and I love your take on it. As you know, I actually enjoy house cleaning. I know I am a FREAK.

    Dust or don't dust, as you please. Everybody's demons are up and at the ready this weekend. Take care!

  9. hilarious!

    dreams are crazy things. i dreamed about a friend the other night. she was making a video for youtube. she was wearing a black bustier and jiggling around. i was thinking how surprisingly good she looked.

    crazy stuff, but like you, i can't hold on to the details when i wake. i guess we're not meant to.

  10. Dreams truly are fascinating, and they do reveal so much about the truths and worries buried deep within our subconscious. Your dream is very interesting, I wish I could help you in interpretation, but sadly, I have no knowledge about that realm of psychology.

  11. My mom died so many years ago that I have trouble pulling up a mental picture of her.

    Not about a dream, but for a couple of years after my dad died, I found myself reaching for the phone to call him.

    It is hard once they are gone.

  12. Dear The Bug,
    Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see this post straight up. This is what comes to mind, although you will know best--

    Could it be this dream means

    that your mother is still taking care of things

    in the other room?

    Take comfort, maybe? It is clear she still lives in you, and is greatly loved in the small as well as large ways. She loves you back.

    Many hugs, I hope I have helped.
    Ann T.


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