Sunday, June 27, 2010

My memory never was as good as it used to be

As I mentioned in this post, my dad is playing Dastardly Dan in a play. Gah! The troupe was written up in the local paper & daddy was quoted. Always a terrifying moment for me. You just never quite know what will come out of his mouth.

The troupe is called the Encore players, made up out of "55ish" and older actors. The name of the play is "The Perils of Precious Penelope or Keep Your Temper(ance) in Check." Everyone involved is apparently having a blast - & the reporter enjoyed watching the rehearsal. The actors in these productions read from their scripts instead of memorizing their lines – which actually makes the melodrama even funnier. My dad says that's ok with him because, his memory never was as good as it used to be. Heh.

In the article, daddy said about retirement and getting older, "Let's let them know that retirement isn't just fishing and playing with the grandkids," he says. "It's about getting out and having a life of your own." Which I find really funny because I don't know when he last fished (Was it that trip down to Santee Cooper when Joe thought Uncle Bill was a bear? Was that even at Santee Cooper?). He should have said that retirement isn't just about golf & gardening – those are his passions.

I think it's great that he's playing an evil villain. He always could make the most terrifying faces – which for some reason always cracked me up. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of him with an evil look, so I'm using one of him participating in one of his other favorite pastimes.


  1. There are many elderly people with a phenomenal memory. I think your Dad's group players should have tried to memorize the lines instead of reading from their scripts. It has a completely different outcome.

    As for retirement, some see it as your Dad sees it: "getting out and having a life of your own"; others see it as the last chance a person has to have a dialogue with himself, try to know himself, listen to himself, love himself.

  2. Your dad sounds like a really wonderful chap, and I absolutely agree with him; retirement doesn't have to be just slippers and a pipe. I wish him all the best for his play! :D

  3. Your dad sounds interesting and fun. It's so cool that he'll be in a play!

  4. Go Dad! I wish we had a theater group here. It's something I did once upon a time in my life (I haven't thought about that in ages--speaking of not having a memory), but loved it. Great way to meet people and let another side of you emerge. Or at least come out to play for the duration of the production. Hmm. I might just need to scan a few photos.

  5. You're dad is too cute! My dad just got back from a trip to the country where he joined a hunting lodge. I think he sees retirement much like your dad does.Its time to get out there and have fun. Do all those things he never had time for.

    Can I retire yet?????

  6. Yay! Your Dad was chosen as the kicker quote at the end of the story. That's a place of honor. He must have impressed the reporter with his wit and charm!

  7. How fun! I think it's great that they get to read from the script... heck, even I would do a play if I could...lolol! Good for him!

  8. You dad sounds like my kind of guy.

    I wholeheartedly agree with his retirement tip. Just hanging around in retirement will kill you sooner rather than later.

  9. "My dad says that's ok with him because, his memory never was as good as it used to be.I had a good chuckle at this at first and then realised that you Dad is a very wise man. A very apt description.


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