Friday, June 11, 2010

The Poetry Bus – The Dana Edition

Here we are all aboard the Poetry Bus again (which I invariably mistype as "Poetry Buss" which is a whole other event entirely). This week Jeanne Iris from Revolutionary Revelry is driving and gave us two choices of prompts. You can go to her blog to read the first choice (which sounded a bit too much like meditation for my tastes – who knows what would come of that!). I chose the second option:

Option II: What's in a Name?
Your name (first or surname) often reflects your life's path. For this option, find the etymology of your name and consider the many ways that meaning reflects your life. Then, write about it.

I was highly amused at some of the meanings of my name, which caused me to not take the poem too seriously. Ms. L also challenged us to record ourselves reading the poem & I decided to give it a go! Thanks to Dr. M for helping me with some of the more technical details. Note regarding the video – I did this Friday morning before work & so my voice is a little crunchy.

When I was five I met a boy
who had my name.
Wrong wrong – I am not a boy!
I am … I am…

I am bright as day –
this gray leaden day,
that is what I am
bright as.

I am an authority
on some mythical subject
which is beyond my reach –
just there.

I am given by God
and he is my judge,
and I want justice,
not mercy.

Justice, not mercy.

I am the goddess of the crop
and the spirit of generosity –
creating a life
more abundant.

No no no –
I am not any of
these things.

I am Dana.
Not from Denmark.
Not a boy (maybe a bug).
Maybe I want mercy.



  1. Now how fun was this?! Loved the extra personal touch, especially since it was a poem about your name! (your hint of a southern accent is lovely)

  2. Woo hoo! Hey there, Babelicious! You can read poetry to me any day o' the week! worries, Dr. M, I know she's yours :P

  3. Hey Bug! I love the way you played with this, creating a delightful poem filled with fascinating details about your name.

    Oh and look! The word verification is just for you, too:
    shipe: the Southern pronunciation for 'shape.'

    (I lived in Hotlanta for 12 years!)

  4. How fun is this? (your hair is super-cute, BTW). And I'll take the mercy, I am in great need! :)

  5. I love it! Awesomely done, it's way cool to see and hear you read this. Brava!

    And did I see a hummingbird behind your head at the start?

    Very nice poem.

  6. @Ruth: a bird, yes...not sure if it was a hummingbird. They arrived in town a few weeks back and are frequent visitors to the neighbors' feeders. I'm sure they'll discover our flowers eventually, and I'll try to get pics :-)

  7. This is such a charming and delightful poem! A joy to read, and even more of a joy to watch - you have a really excellent and natural way of reading poetry, I loved it :D

  8. Looks like a fun challenge! I've never tried to find out what my name means -- not sure I want to know! :D

    Enjoyed both the poem and the reading. And LOVE that shirt you're wearing!!!

  9. yeah - read this first thing today and then again just now. Great fun both times - i like "I am bright as day – this gray leaden day, that is what I am bright as." especially

  10. Yes, found this one very fun, eccentric facts galore!

  11. Alas, no sound here; it would have been neat to hear you read, see how different that is from my reading your words. Which I liked a lot, especially the recurring mercy.
    Nice poem, Dana!

  12. Love the way you make a grand entrance! Words AND picture! I bow to your technical knowledge!
    My useless computer kept interupting the reading which was frustrating but I can tell you read well and I love tha accent.Fab fun poem too...bright as the leaden day..Nice!

  13. Oh, Bravo! I loved the poem, especially the child-like beginning, and that's not a reading, it's a performance!
    Great accent (love hearing other people's voices) and like Kim, I loved the shirt.

    Also really interesting to hear it's Day-na, as over here it's Daah-na, and brings to mind an Irish songstess who won the Eurovision Song Contest once.


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