Sunday, June 13, 2010

It’s all about Me Me Me*

So I sang & it was fine - & the choir is on hiatus until fall. Which is good because I thought I might sweat to death in that robe LOL. I received a number of compliments which I took with a grain of salt – because that's me. I don't really believe it. I'm not fishing for compliments people – just telling it like it is. I'm a cynic. It's ok – it certainly won't stop me from singing again!

I'm going to whisper here because I'm afraid to say it out loud, but I'm trying again to be healthier. I'm doing Weight Watchers this time because it has worked well for me in the past. I'll keep you posted.

I'm listening to another audio book that's driving me crazy. I'm pretty sure it will end well (Fern Michaels doesn't usually disappoint), but I might have to murder the main character before that point. I'm sure people who've seen me driving this past week are wondering why I hate my steering wheel – I keep banging on it going, "no, no, no!" I'm going to have to go back to listening to Lillian Jackson Braun – Jim Qwilleran does NOT annoy me as a main character.

I am going to have to vacuum again. It's not even been three weeks – what's up with that? And frankly I should have vacuumed LAST weekend. I've heard tell that some people vacuum on a weekly or even daily basis, but I don't think I believe it.

I finally pulled out my summer clothes & put the turtlenecks away. I only did it because I was smothering every time I saw them – can't even IMAGINE wearing a turtleneck right now. Otherwise I would have just made do with my jeans & the five t-shirts I leave out for winter. Turns out I have actual shorts and capris to wear for summer.

I helped Dr. M mow the lawn this evening**. I actually started the mower on my own! The last time I tried I had no success – but it turns out that it was out of gas. I was going to check that very thing, but Dr. M has a grip of steel & I couldn't get the gas cap off. Anyway, now that I know I can start it myself I might surprise him by mowing sometimes. Might. Anyway, boy was my face red. Really – I wasn't embarrassed, just beet red from the exertion. I could blame my out-of-shapeness, but I've been this way my whole life – my body doesn't have a very efficient cooling system. I took a picture but I'm just not that shameless tonight – it's pretty rough. Instead, I'll leave you with this lovely lane we drove down last weekend.

 *Every paragraph but the first one starts with "I" - & the first one is just trying to be cute or it would start with "I" too. Well, it is my blog. I won't apologize!

**This is kind of a big deal because I wasn't sure if my bum hip or my bum shoulder would be ok with mowing – but so far so good!


  1. And you you you are fine.

    You are just now putting your winter clothes away?


  2. What, you mean you sang Toby Keith? I'm sure there's a sermon in there somewhere.

    And yes, this IS your blog, so you are entitled to use the word "I" with regularity. I do know what you mean, though. When I catch myself typing that word with undue frequency on my blog I try to find clever ways to say the same thing while disguising the I. I'm not sure I've fooled anyone...

  3. I have to admit to vaccuuming more than once a day... It is true, I am a freak ;)

  4. Congrats on starting the mower. Baby steps are a big deal.
    I found my summer clothes and can't believe some of them actually fit after my binge attack, which has lasted about 2 months now. You're not alone in the Weight Watchers area, dearie.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog. Especially the last one, sharing that your father leads the singing at a nursing home. What a wonderful thing he's doing. God bless him, and you!

  5. I think I vaccum twice a year.. sometimes more if I'm feeling like an over acheiver.

    Also, mowing was one of my chores when I was growing up and I have vowed that I will never mow again. That probably explains why I love living in the city. Lots of common green space that I'm not in charge of.

    And on a seprate note, I have done Weight Watchers in the past and had great success. It helped me to start thinking about what I eat. I'm going to have to do something now that I'm back from vacation. I gained seven pounds in one week!

  6. I can't carry a tune in a bucket, or so they tell me. I'm always impressed by those who can, and by those who have the courage to do it in public.

    I won't tell you how seldom I vacuum. Ha!

    And that is a very beautiful lane.

  7. Dear The Bug,
    I knew you'd get compliments, and I think you should enjoy them. If not for your singing--which I am sure is great--why not revel in the fact that people want you to be happy and admire your moxie in going through with it?

    In short, those compliments are for all three things. You bring pleasure to many people.

    Second, Weight Watchers. I love weight watchers. I didn't go to them this time, but I remembered enough to move forward. They are at least sane, which you cannot say for many systems out there.

    I have a blog where I write out every darn thing I eat, once a week I make the post and add everything in all week long. It is sobering sometimes how trashy my food habits are. They are improving however, and I lost almost 30 pounds. I don't think I'm done, chiefly b/c of the nutrition aspect.

    It's good to have a system.

    Good luck and we love you now, too,
    Ann T.

  8. It IS shocking when you look over your work and see so many I's!
    ..know what you mean
    weight watchers...good for you
    I'll cheer you on!
    brave one

  9. i feel like we have discussed this at some point, but i do vacuum on a weekly basis because of my serious ocd, but i also am in love with my dyson.

    i think this is unhealthy! :)


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