Saturday, June 19, 2010

Project 365 – Week Twenty-five

Sunday, June 13th
On Sunday Dr. M captured a picture of a butterfly (moth? How do you tell?) that had landed on one of our petunias.

Here's the close-up – pretty cool!

Monday, June 14th
On Monday, since it was Flag Day, I dressed Martha Goose in her 4th of July outfit. We call her Uncle Martha when she's wearing it.

Tuesday, June 15th
On Tuesday I took some close-ups of our wildflowers in the front flowerbed – we're pretty pleased with the lovely jumble of flowers there.

And Dr. M took pictures in the rose garden at the satellite campus where he's teaching this summer. Gorgeous!

Wednesday, June 16th
Burros! We never get pictures of burros. Heh. I like the light in this picture. (Yes, I left the wording the same because, although it's a different picture, everything still applies LOL.)

 While Dr. M was gadding around taking pictures of burros I took this one of the apples I bought that day. I'm trying to eat healthier!

Thursday, June 17th
On Thursday I took some pictures of the garden, but then I decided to do a whole post on it later (Tuesday, probably), so I'm just sharing the hanging tomato progress.

Friday, June 18th
Guess what time it is? Tax Time Pig Time! I think it's pretty self explanatory. Except for the part about why a yellow gorilla is waving to Dad. That part's kind of strange.

Saturday, June 19th
Today Dr. M & I went out for lunch & then to a local nursery. We were looking for some daylilies to plant along the side of the house, but didn't want to spend $6 a pop on them. For today, we decided to get some of this Marigold Lemon Gem. The flowers are edible – I'm going to try some in a salad tomorrow. We've put six of them on the borders of one of our garden boxes. We took lots of pictures – I'm going to do a "yard" post on Tuesday.

 Dr. M bought a birdbath for me – I think it's gorgeous! He read that it helps cut down on algae if you put some copper in the water. I generously donated a bracelet I got in Zambia to the cause. It's made out of the copper byproduct from silver mining. That's my head reflected in the water - & some lovely fluffy clouds. It has been a beautiful day!

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  1. Your flower pictures are just gorgeous...I love coming here to see such beauty. Good luck with the really does work.

    Rich's daughter is here for four weeks...we need to reset the button so to speak...she is great when she is here it is when she goes home that the trouble starts. We are going to enjoy our time with her.

    I am so thankful to have you as a blog friend!!

  2. You've been to Zambia? That's very cool!

  3. Dear The Bug,
    Wonderful pictures again! Can't wait until that garden post.

    I believe it is a moth b/c its wings are spread sideways at rest rather than vertically.

    Have fun with the birdbath, the garden, the salad, the apples and Uncle Martha!

    Ann T.

  4. I'm glad you blew that up because I could not find the butterfly in the picture!!!

    your flowers are gorgeous!!

    edible flowers make me just seems weird to eat flowers!

  5. I was really concerned that I couldn't see the butterfly/moth. Thanks for pointing it out!
    All of the flowers (and burros) still looking great!
    I would really love to hear the process that the pig dressers go through in chosing the "outfits". I'm sure every dad wants a shout out from a pig riding, yellow gorilla!
    Have a super week!!

  6. Love the picture of the butterfly/moth

  7. Oh! Oh! Oh! (raising hand in the air excitedly) Pick me! I know this one!!! Butterflies are colorful, are active during the day, and hold their wings UP vertically when they rest. Moths do the opposite of all those things. Now you know! ;) (See what homeschooling a second grader does for ya?)

    Lots of pretty flowers this week. And I love the birdbath. Very unique.

  8. @ Lori: Thanks! I always forget those rules for identification. This critter is what many call a Small White butterfly (go figure), aka Cabbage White or just Cabbage butterfly. It is not native to North America, but got here anyway, like the rest of us. It is defintely considered a pest by cabbage growers, but I am fond of its simply beauty, and as I don't plant cabbage or mustards, I have no complaints :-) The Bug's SIL home schools and was once the science lady, traveling to local schools. And if you ever have questions about American history, feel free to send them along to me, via The Bug. Best, Dr. M.

  9. Love your petunias. Mine never seem to thrive, no matter what I do. As always, a pleasure to visit.

  10. @ alter ego: I bought that giant hanging basket of petunias from a local gardener who was having an end of spring sale. I will say we've had success with petunias up here, both in hanging baskets and in our front bed. I give them lots of water, but they are always most lovely when we've been gone for a couple of days. Go figure, lol!

    @ Ellen and Lori, re: bird bath...would you believe Lowe's? We are big fans of pottery, ceramics, etc., so I fell for it, but it's mass-produced.

  11. flowers in salads- don't tell me kids! I can't get them to leave mine alone, and well, if they thought they could EAT them, my beds would be bare!

  12. Me, I like the look of those apples - I hope they taste as delicious as they look.

  13. What a great week although tax time pig is a bit disturbing this week! All those pretty, but good thing you posted the close up one of the butterfly cuz I seriously could not see it in the first one! (geesh...i may need to start wearing my glasses more!)

  14. I think at the end of the year you may have to make a collage of tax-time pig!
    All the flowers are gorgeous and it looks like you tomatos are doing well!

  15. All those beautiful flowers...

    I too am trying to eat healthier... picked up a bunch of veggies and fruit at the grocery store this weekend.

  16. Beautiful close-ups.
    It's good to be back and begin to catch up on P 365.


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