Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge

Argent has been trying to get me to join this challenge for quite some time, but I don't think of myself as a story teller. But I do like to play with words, so I decided to give it a go this week. Go to Raven's blog to check out the rules & the words.

I started out doing the mini (the first five words/phrases), but I wasn't done with my story so I decided to use the words from the 10-worder & turn it into a mega! I don't think the story is all that special, but I was pleased that I used all the words in a somewhat natural manner.

The mini: glamorous, gin and tonic, fill in the blanks, water-logged, masterpiece

The 10-worder: chapter, vigorous, whipped cream, charter member, cut a rug, fling, sparingly, gravity, pregnant pause, universal

An Evening at the Gallery
 I don't know – I should probably have just stayed at home. I don't even like gin & tonic. I thought it would be refreshing and glamorous. Blech. It's not like I came here to see his "masterpiece." Masterpiece my giant behind. Blech. I guess I wanted to fill in the blanks of my diary.

  • Attend Art Show. Check
  • Drink a cocktail in public. Check
Oh, look – here he comes. Make nice. Talk pretty. Or, you know, just watch as he walks past you to greet some ancient crone in a water-logged wrap. She probably has money. Wait – water-logged? Is it raining? Well that just puts a cap on my night – why did I walk?

Here's the charter member of the artist's fan club. His mother. Does she know we had a fling in their pool house one evening last June? An indiscretion involving whipped cream and some rather vigorous flirting on my part after watching him cut a rug with some gorgeous creature. Not one of my finer moments. If she knew she'd probably read me chapter & verse about his excellent prospects and my rather lackluster self. It's one of the universal laws – no one is ever good enough for a mother's son.

With all the gravity I can muster I say, "You know, ma'am, it was just the one time. I'm not really interested in your son." Pregnant pause. One eyebrow lifted. "You know, young woman," she said, "you should perhaps go more sparingly on the gin next time." I said, "I don't even like gin." And promptly fell over sideways, bellowing "It's not the alcohol – I'm just a klutz!"


My mortification complete, I walk home in the rain, shoes in one hand, the other waving to the people I see on the street. I am the Queen of Humiliation, waving to my subjects.


  1. I LOVE this! LOVE IT! I think you can manage these little ditties on a regular basis. Power to you, kiddo!

  2. Not all that special? This is a brilliant story, and a truly entertaining read! Your words, emotions, scenes and dialogue are so natural and identifiable, plus you have a real comedic flair. Well done on getting all those words and phrases in, that is quite an achievement :D

  3. Delightful! Queen of Humiliation waving to her subjects. I like that!

    Welcome to wordzzles. Just so you know, I had to re-set Mr. Linky (forgot to do it because I had so much trouble with blogger tonight) so I re-posted your link but I forgot the "The" in The Bug. My apologies for that. Hope you will forgive me. Again, so glad you have joined in.

  4. This was fab! You character has a really distinctive voice that makes the story come alive! This is a great start and I deifnitely think you should do more, more more!

  5. Dear The Bug,
    I love this story with all fifteen words! You wrote it so well--a voice like your own, yet a character so different.

    How cool can you be??

    Ann T.

  6. Fun! You "paint" very fun word pictures!

  7. Oh, but you're very good at this! I enjoyed reading it. :)


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