Monday, June 7, 2010

Under Pressure

• The last two books I finished left the heroines waiting to be arrested for murder (one murdered her mother and the other one was accessory to the murder of a raping scumbag). I’ve gotten off track somehow – I like books with an ending. Closure. Now with these two women I’m left wondering – are they really arrested? Do they go to jail? What happens? Gah!

• I’m not sure I’m cut out for this gardening thing. By gardening, I mean watching Dr. M do all the work while I wring my hands and dither. I don’t mind if the plants don’t bear actual vegetables – I just like seeing them all healthy & beautiful. But what happens if they don’t make it? Gah!

• My dad is playing Dastardly Dan in a local community theater production. It’s a melodrama & I imagine he’ll have the time of his life hamming it up. I can’t decide whether or not I’m glad I can’t be there to watch the show*. Gah!

• The neighbor’s puppy comes to the edge of our yard and just stares at me with unwagging tail. I’m nervous around dogs & should try to make friends with this one before he turns into a brute of some kind. But I can’t quite bring myself to go over & offer my hand. Gah!

• Last night I dreamed that Blogger Dad was providing daycare services for the nephew of one of my Facebook friends. I think that my internet worlds are coming close to colliding. Gah!

• The two baseball teams I follow (Braves & Reds) are doing entirely too well. I don’t think I can take the pressure of them being in first place- I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Gah!

• I am even now imagining my Aunt Brenda shaking her fist at me for saying, “Gah!” She always said that such expressions were too close to taking the Lord’s name in vain. And she reads this blog. Gah! Er, darn!

*You know I wish I could be there Daddy – at the ripe old age of 46 I don’t get embarrassed quite so easily.


  1. It drives me absolutely CRAZY to be so enthralled in a book, just for there NOT TO BE AN ENDING. Triple GAH!!! :D

  2. Dear The Bug,
    I thought "Gah!" was short for "Golly", but Gosh, what do I know?

    1. I also like books w/ closure. that's why I read romances and Dickens and Chandler and Hammett.

    2. Gardening is one of the most ruthless occupations in the world! It is all about killing every other species in vicinity in order to get what you want. If something dies, you replace it. I know!! Gardeners carry Weapons, but nobody told you!!

    3. Dog phobia is the most widespread in America! Cut yourself some slack.

    4. When worlds collide in dreams, you are attempting to solve a problem. I hope you get some rest soon.

    The doctor is in, five cents,
    Ann T.

    P.S. Much love, and sweet dreams dear Dana!!!

  3. And I thought I had problems! Instead of GAH, try WAH!

    thanks for making me laugh.

  4. 1) Make up your own ending. That way you'll be happy with whatever closure you devise!

    2) Don't watch! Look at pictures in gardening magazines for the thrill of ripe and luscious.

    3)I think the last time my dad embarrassed me was when I was 25, when he had a singing telegram delivered to me while we were at a restaurant celebrating my birthday. Nothing compares after that.

    4) The secret to making canine friends is dog biscuits.

    5) I have no counsel for colliding internet worlds.

    6) I totally understand. At least you can wear red with a good conscience.

    7) Shouldn't Brenda know you well enough by now?

    Bonus. Hang in there. We're only as far as your next blog post or facebook status update.

  5. I've just finished a book which I hugely enjoyed and the author tied up all the loose ends EXCEPT THE ONE I WAS REALLY INTEREDTED IN - Gah!! BTW - you should sya 'darn' either, it's too close to G-ddammit (so I was told as a kid).

  6. Ah, there's nothing wrong with "gah."
    But then, I come from the generation that popularized the non-word "meh" and I have an unlimited punch on what I can only refer to as my "dude card."

    To try to be so serious about language with only contrived implicit offense is just reaching and stifling on the part of the person finding the offense.

    So, have your feelings, and hopefully in the future the things you do with your time & leisure will bring you more happiness than feelings of "gah!"

    I'm a "gardener" too, just as long as gardening doesn't actually involve intensive weeding. I just think of them as free, less desirable plants that may be destroyed or removed if I desire to take photos of the ones I intended to be there... but I'm strictly flowers over the functionality of vegetables, so, meh.

  7. The books without endings are meant to be sequels. Watch out for the next book in the sequel. It annoys the h*ll out of me. Gah...! :-)

    Definitely make friends with the neighbor's puppy. That's what he is trying to do.

    "Hey, lady...! Come and talk to me...!"

  8. You made me laugh! In Germany, we are not so obsessed with not cursing. We do it, and feel better. We say "Verdammt nochmal" and "Oh verflucht" and we don`t go to hell for it (maybe we will?) No, I actually do not believe in hell anyway. (Sorry, rebellious again) What is the difference between Oh my God and Oh my Golly anyway? Or damned and darned? You see, I am using the proper words and don`t fall off my chair!

  9. Too funny!! I am "gah-ing" right along with you. I hope I am his age and doing the same thing...acting on stage, not gardening...ha ha.

  10. - I don't read fiction (only non fiction) so I have no 'closure' problems.

    - Are you on Facebook and still blogging? Kudos to you! Many bloggers have practically deserted blogging for the juicy, gossiping Facebook.

  11. Would you recommend the books? or not?

  12. I heard this year that gardening is one of the most expensive American hobbies. Hm. I guess that's because we keep replacing the stuff that dies.
    Good luck with your garden!

  13. the secret to having a great time in amateur theatre (and to annoying the "luvvies") is to apply the Colin Baker School Of Acting - he is a moderately known actor here, was the 6th Dr Who several lifetimes ago - and always says that whenever he's in a show he always assumes his character is the most important

    So if your dad assumes the play is The Dastardly Dan Show then he'll do well (watch Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves to see Alan Rickman chewing up the set with extra ham for an example)

    those books are probably trying to make you buy the sequel, but there should always be some kind of resolution

  14. oh - and according to the Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy "Belgium" is the worst swear word of all.

    Try it - at least it has the element of surprise


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