Saturday, June 26, 2010

Project 365 – Week Twenty-six

Sunday, June 20th
On Sunday Dr. M decided to fly the American flag – we really like this picture showing patriotism in the neighborhood.

Monday, June 21st
On Monday, we decided to take another picture of our resident frog. It's so FAT!

Tuesday, June 22nd
On Tuesday I took a close-up of one of the daisies in the front flower bed – we're enjoying them so much!

Wednesday, June 23rd
On Wednesday Dr. M finally took some pictures of the ubiquitous rolls of hay in the area. We've been meaning to take a picture ever since we moved up here.

Thursday, June 24th
We have two pictures of the moon – it's just been GREAT this week. Here's the first one:

Friday, June 25th
On Friday, we finally bit the bullet & decided to trade in Dr. M's 2001 Jeep Cherokee. It had some major issues (including the fact that the driver's seat was unseated – it only stayed put because we laid the back seats down so they held it in place). We replaced it with a 2004 Pontiac Aztek – I've always wanted one (they're so ugly they're cute to me). I think it looks like a bug, so Dr. M is calling it the Bugly.

Here's the second picture of the moon – it was just gorgeous last night.

Saturday, June 26th
Today I took a couple of pictures of one of our squash blooms. Isn't it pretty? Am I going to regret planting squash? Should I go ahead & take orders? Heh.

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  1. Oh my - that is one chunky frog!!!

    We have had a Aztek for years... its been a great car.

  2. Beautiful images, that frog certainly is rather corpulent :D And those pictures of the moon! They are so wonderful, the colour and the atmosphere is amazing, I wish we got such a brilliant night sky here in England :)

  3. Always such lovely, crisp photos. The kind I would LIKE to take :D Moon photos -- STUNNING! Frog photo -- FUNNY! We had 18 living in our backyard over the summer. Good thing I don't mind frogs :D It seemed like everywhere we turned, there was a frog!
    Have a great week!

  4. Dear The Bug,
    I love the flag picture, and I have to wonder what you're feeding that frog to have him sit still for you--Shoo Fly Pie? Chocolate Covered Ants?
    Har har.

    But I really love that second moon picture. You can see the face, and what a fine shot.

    I always enjoy these glimpses into your days,
    Ann T.

  5. Congratulations on your new car! I loved the cute frog, and the squash blossoms were beautiful.

  6. The moon was awesome rising tonight! So big and bright above the cotton field. What kind of squash?

  7. I really like the picture of the flag and the moon.

  8. Great pictures! Love the chubby frog, the hay, the daisy, the moon, the Bugly. After four months of P365 diligence I abandoned ship. I asked myself why I was doing it. Why are you doing? Can you encourage me? Do you scrap these (as in scrapbook, not throw away)? Should I return to my ways? Help!

  9. when I was young, we had a colorado bull frog that came back every year to our was HUGE!!!

    that one picture of your car looks like it barely fits in the garage!!! so fun to have a new car!

    great week!

  10. cutey frog!!
    LOVE the moon pics ;)
    cute name for your car, too

  11. OMGosh...that frog IS fat! And daisies are my fav flower! So pretty! Love the perspective of the hay field...very cool. Have a great week!

  12. Such beautiful pictures of the moon! I like the first one best! Just beautiful!

  13. Love the American flag! Fly that proud! In this part of the country, the bales of hay are rectangular. I remember the first time my family took a road trip and I couldn't believe the shape of the hay.

    beautiful moon! A trouble-free vehicle is a good thing.

  14. Now that is one big frog! Gorgeous moon shots! I would've been sitting out on that swing of your enjoying that view!
    Congrats on the new car. The last picture of it looks like it will barely fit in the garage.
    Hope you are finding lots of recipes in anticipation of your squash! :)
    Have a great week!!

  15. You've got a lot of great outdoors photos going on! The hay pictures are gorgeous!!!!! I also love the daisy. And you are cracking me up with that frog!! I'll have to show my kids that one. Man, he's a big guy! Congrats on the new vehicle! That's always exciting.


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