Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not Fluttering Today

We took over 400 pictures while we were gone! My plan is to do several posts about our different activities. Today was going to be the butterfly exhibit at the Catawba Science Center.

But I'm not feeling very fluttery today. Last night we received a call that Dr. M's mom had taken a turn for the worse.

It was POURING during part of our drive home on Monday

His father suspects a mini-stroke. As of last night she had lost the use of her hands and wasn't able to see.

Heading toward rain

A friend was visiting her and suspected that Frances couldn't see. She asked her what color blouse she was wearing. Frances said green. It wasn't green. The friend started crying.

And we all feel like crying, but we also know that with Frances, things change. Last November we thought it was only a matter of time before we lost her. A couple of days later she was up drinking coffee.

So we'll hope. And pray. It's really all we can do right now.

One of the bursts of sunshine during the trip - making the Charleston, WVA capital dome sparkle


  1. Wonderful photos. My thoughts and prayers are with your mother in law tonight. And peace to you and Dr. M. xx

  2. I feel a pang after just seeing the picture of Dr. M and Frances on your last post! Prayers for her and hugs for you all as you await what comes next.

  3. Wishing you all strengtrh and comfort. I found your post today very poignant, the words, the pictures, the quietness.

  4. Your pictures speek as loud as your words.


    Thoughts and prayers are with Frances and your whole family today.

  5. Oh, that's so sad... I'd be freaking out - not acting to others that I could see. Strange how we all handle things differently.

    The darn stormy clouds seem appropriate - but they are still beautiful... kinda shows that even in this turmoil, God can make everything beautiful again...

  6. I was saddened to hear about Dr.M`s mother.

    So difficult.

    My thoughts are with you all.

  7. Sounds like a TIA. My mother had those and the accumulative damage was eventually her undoing.

    The damage could be temporary. My sister had one and couldn't see out of one of her eyes but she got her vision back.

    Sending loving thoughts your way.

  8. Oh, Dear The Bug,
    I'm so sorry to hear about Dr. M's mother. As everyone, I am sending good thoughts and prayers.

    And strength for both of you as well.

    Ann T.

  9. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law; sending prayers and thoughts that she will be okay.

    Your pictures are beautiful, totally enchanting.

    CJ xx

  10. Hope Dr. M's mom is doing better. Sometimes these things do get better on their own. Y'all are in my prayers!


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