Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Summer of Marigolds

For the Poetry Jam this week Poetikat has charged us with the task of writing a dark poem about flowers. Having recently had an interesting flower experience at my mother-in-law’s viewing I imagined that I would write about that. But I couldn’t put that into words just yet. So instead I offer this. It might actually not be dark enough for Kat, but in the tradition of the poetry bus (now jam) I’m sticking my tongue out at her & posting this anyway. Ha! Please go here to read other rebellious, or conforming, entries.

Kindergarten Bug

The Summer of Marigolds

There were marigolds
lining the sidewalk
at my cousin‘s house.
I ran through them
and said, “Simon Says”
and “Mother May I”
and something
complicated about
ice cream and black
widow spiders.
Games of childhood
when I belonged.
In the fall, when the
marigolds were gone
I learned to read
and never really
belonged again.

In my minds eye
I watch that laughing girl.
Did I kill her with books?
Or save her.

1st Grade Bug


  1. I enjoyed your little rebellion. (sticking tongue out at you!)

    I so got this! I nearly killed me with books too. Who's laughing now, eh?

  2. she's still in there somewhere!

  3. I get that completely! Something else invaded my mind from paper! Here's a picture to go with your poem:

  4. Isn't it ironic that we learn to read and go to school to be "educated" and find out we have lost that little girl or boy inside?

    Thoughtful post ~

    Nice to meet you.

  5. Oh Bug, that really touched me. And the photos finished me off!

  6. I know about that year. Mine had a row of mulberries, and we played "baseball" sorta.
    Gosh, you were a cutie.

  7. Oh you were such a cute little Bug! I found I belonged more in the world of books.

  8. You were so darned cute as a wee bug.

    I love your poem.

  9. Could you have written the poem without the books? I don't think she's dead - only sleeping!
    (I once appeared on a children's television quiz show when about 12 and when asked, what part of a camera is also the name of a flower, I answered Marigold.)

  10. young bug is certainly cute

    it is true that sometimes we lose something for what we gain

  11. We also played kick the can in the twilight evenings. So much fun!

    I read early and tore through everything read-able, but I still loved kick the can and other games and still love getting outside to ride my bike.

    Maybe she's still there but just needs an invitation to come out and play!

  12. I remember marigolds staining my white socks ... love the photos of 'little bug' ... nice poem.

  13. Oh, Dana. I feel thankful for the use of poetry to explore turning points in my life, as you do here. I'm glad you turned out exactly as you did.

  14. These photos are priceless! I always loved books and always will and will never apologize for it. I loved both photos!

  15. Ohhhh! I didn't scroll all the way down and see the second photo! Now I getcha. ;)

  16. Cute pictures! I am struck by your question "Did I kill her with books?" That's something I need to keep wondering about--in connection with me! Wonderful poem!

  17. I would have been friends with the First Grade Girl in a heartbeat. (I learned to read when I was two. And fussy-curled girls with hair-ribbons always looked off-putting to me.)

  18. LOL
    I remember bad hair days like that in grade school. One scary hairy memory involved a perm that left me looking like Bozo the clown.
    Thanks for sharing and making me smile :)


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