Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Post Where I Talk About My Own Pee

It’s Wednesday & I feel like there should be something in this space. So I’m going to enthrall you with my medical issues. You should probably stop reading this right now & save it for some night when you can’t get to sleep.

Because of my doctor’s concerns with my recent blood tests I had to provide a 24 hour urine sample to the lab this morning. Do you know what that is? I didn’t. Now I know that it’s a plot to make you become very familiar with your own output. I suppose mothers might not be fazed, but it was a duty that I bore quite grimly. Toting my little jug to the bathroom at work yesterday, storing the contents in the refrigerator, doing the same routine at home & during my two nocturnal bathroom visits – I do NOT want to have to do that again.

I’ve always maintained that I have to go to the bathroom so often because my bladder is the size of a pea (heh), but based on how heavy that jug was this morning I must just produce a lot.

Today, I have the pleasure of drinking 20 oz of water between 11:00 and 12:00 & then going for an ultrasound at 1:00. And not going to the bathroom during that time. I don’t know how long the ultrasound takes, but that’s going to be a long two hours for me.

Aren’t you glad you came to my blog today to hear about my bathroom habits?

P.S. My name is The Bug and I have been Ibuprofen free for three days (except for a brief relapse on Monday).


  1. Well I AM glad I came to your blog, but I am concerned about you. I hope what they discover is that everything is fine. That's what I'm going to visualize.

    Love to you

  2. Oh man... just try not to THINK about not being able to use the bathroom... that is the worse part.

    And have fun when they poke on your FULL bladder with that ultrasound doo-hickey... I have to go pee now...

    I just HOPE you got a picture of your pee jug for your Project 365! :)

  3. Oh, I had to do that once. Drink a butt load of water and then hold it for an ultrasound. painful. I think all doctors are sadists at heart.

  4. Oh man Rebecca - I totally forgot! I am a FAILURE as a P365er. Sigh.

  5. Oh Lord...I feel for you. When I had my colonoscopy, I had to take a bunch of laxatives and then dump an entire bottle of powdered laxative into a 64 oz Gatorade and then sip and sip and SIP over 24 hours. Everywhere I went, the Gatorade would follow :).

  6. Just wait until you get older. Hopefully, you won't ever have to hear about some of the tests they like to do. Funny, I've never heard anyone talk about them and I won't be the first. But it was so gross to my mind that I told them never mind, I will suffer. My problem went away when I lost weight, which is a much nicer cure than surgery.

  7. That ultrasound...oh, man. I had to undergo a similar water torture. When the tech came in the waiting room to get me, she walked right over to me, despite there being several women in the room. She said, "I could tell by your face and the way you were sitting that you were my patient. Let's hurry and get this over with so that you can use the bathroom." I could have wept.

  8. LOL
    After having to document frequency and amount prior to and then during the test phase, I can so relate to this post!
    Hopefully they figure out what's going on so you don't have to do it again!

  9. Guessing your BUN/Creatinine was elevated (says nurse Jayne)? Hoping that they find all is well my friend! And, hope you survived the US!!

  10. A great blogpost title.
    I hate that water and peeing test thing, wishing you luck!

  11. i had to go for some tests a while ago that involved having to have a full bladder - and then of course they keep you waiting - and then of course they start poking you in the stomach and the gentlemen vegetables, so to speak.

    I'm sure they do it just for amusement - they could probably do all the tests perfectly well without

  12. BUN and CR only give a snapshot of what was happening at that particular moment when the lab tech drew your blood. A 24 hour urine will give a better picture.

    I'm so glad you've given up the ibuprofen, and your kidneys should be happier, too, though I recognize your hip may not.

    I hope all goes well with these studies.


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