Saturday, July 16, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Twenty-Nine

First of all I want to say Happy Anniversary to Daddy & Amy – hope you do something fun tomorrow to celebrate. 

OK, here we go – another week in the life of the Bug household. I just now realized that there isn’t a weekly squirrel picture this week – oh the travesty!

Sunday, July 10th   
Dr. M tossed the cuttings from the out-of-control geranium into a corner of our backyard. On Sunday he yelled at me to come look – volunteer geranium!

The birds have thoroughly enjoyed the bird bath this week.

Monday, July 11th
Here is a different variety of lily getting ready to bloom – can’t wait to see what it looks like.

Tuesday, July 12th   
Lots of pictures for today – just from our yard.

Our first zucchini! The quart jar is there to illustrate its size. We ate it in stir fry later in the week.

Wednesday, July 13th  
The State of the Bug. I was supposed to be showing you that even though I’m tired and irritated I have great earrings on. But you can’t really see the earrings very well. I was irritated because I stopped to get my oil changed on my way home & it seemed to take forever.

Here is a green pearl of great price – a nascent bell pepper. We’ll see if the squirrels leave this one alone.

Dr. M found two of these horned worms on our tomato plants. I was half tempted to leave them be to see what kind of critter they turned into, but then we decided we’d rather have tomatoes, so he got rid of them.

One of the boys next door wanted me to take a picture of his garter snake.

Thursday, July 14th      
Dr. M took some pictures of flowers on his way to school.

And then on his way home he saw this fawn.

Friday, July 15th
Dr. M was amazed to look up & see a Wright Flyer in the air! I’m assuming it’s a replica & not the original. Heh.

Saturday, July 16th
Last night we had dinner with friends and were presented with this parting gift that C had made for our garden. But we couldn’t resist taking this indoor picture of it, if only so that we could use some of our favorite movie lines, Delmar: “We thought you was a toad!” Pete: "Naw, I never was a toad." Delmar: "Well, that was our mistake then."

This isn’t the lily I took a picture of on Monday, but it’s pretty so Dr. M took a picture of it anyway.

We went to the store today to stock up on suet cakes (well, some people food too, but really our household has gone to the birds). This picture is from about 10 minutes after Dr. M put the cake in the feeder.

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  1. nice snake...we have had a few this year in the your flowers...we would have the same except those dear ate them...ha...we have a fam of 7 in our back yard...

  2. That Wright Flyer flew over our house tonight!

    Our first zucchini looks just like yours! That's the size I like them..nice and under control! lol.

  3. Hehe. Having great earrings on CAN change the course of a day. Hope you had a good book to wait with.

    Your yard is beautiful and with such variety. So happy you share it with us!

  4. It's the wildlife ones for me this week!

    And we had our first courgettes this week too! Courtesy of my in-laws up the road, I must add.

  5. How funny....your second flower picture from Thursday was my Friday picture. Loved all the wildlife....your flowers are gorgeous.

  6. Your yard is beautiful!!!!

    I always HATED finding those worms on my tomatoes....yuck!!!

    I am very tired this morning, so I guess I need to at least pick out a great pair of earrings to wear to church...yes?

  7. Ugh, those tomato worms creep me out! Love the state of the Bug face. It looks like you have a beautiful garden this year, I hope your little pepper makes it!

    Hugs & love,

  8. i love tomato worms, or caterpillars, or whatever they are. but they are definitely NO GOOD for tomato plants.
    cool snake!
    i love the picture of the baby deer,so cute!
    your state of the bug picture us cute, too. i always like seeing what you come up with each week.

  9. first off...i need to say that i am loving your profile it new? lovely i tell ya. Now onto regular scheduled commenting...loving all of your flower pics once again this week. i really miss being able to plant here in AZ...i mean i could, but every time i do, they just die! lol OH and just to let you know...the cupcakes on my post this week are all low fat from hungry very yummy, the cheesecake, however, was not...lowfat that was indeed very yummy!!!

  10. Omgosh..put that snake down right now MR. LOL I hate snakes. ugh.
    Love the yard shots. So pretty. I wish I was better at taking care of my yard. I hire someone to do that. Yeah for the Zucchini. Looks yummy. Make me some bread...please.

  11. EGADS!!!!! A snake... I freak everytime!!!

    "even though I’m tired and irritated I have great earrings on" - I seriously gut laughed at this statement. Great earrings are all that matters :)

  12. I love the bird bath picture... that is awesome!

  13. I am so impressed by how well you take care of your yard! Ours is a jungle, although I suppose J and I both have good excuses this particular year...


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