Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ordinary Girl

Jessica Maybury is stirring the Poetry Jam pot this week & has given us a choice of two prompts: 1) write about insomnia, or 2) write about these pictures: here, here and here. I chose option #2. I sort of followed instructions. As per usual, I didn't have a lot of control over the end result. (I wonder if I should explore the possibility of automatic writing). Anyway, here you go!

Ordinary Girl

I have always been
an ordinary girl.
Brown & brown
and pale pale skin.

I watch my eyes
in this broken mirror,
fractured irises
reflected back.

I wonder if I were to
wear my broken soul
would it be Hello Kitty

Or, even broken,
is my soul an
ordinary girl

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  1. oooo nice :D I liked the hello kitty reference. Those alt people are mad about that cat. As for automatic writing, I do that occasionally. I find it loosens me up and I get really good ideas and images to start off from when I do it. Definitely recommended.

  2. I am fascinated by Morticia Addams.

    I like to believe we are all special inside.

    Happy Sunday~

  3. Reflections and poetry really work well together!!!

  4. "fractured irises" - I like that; and I like your face in the mirror.

  5. There's a cracked-ness here that I like. It's caused, I think, by the opening protests of brown & brown ordinariness, jusxtaposed (o, what a word!) to that fractured soul. It works. Good job, Dana. I loved your photo manipulation.

  6. ordinary can be rather extraordinary you know...fractured irises is a great turn of phrase...

  7. Extraordinary poem from an "Ordinary Girl"

  8. Nothing ordinary about your poem.♥

  9. A pretty good result, particularly if you claim no control over it. Photos go great with it. Very nice.


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