Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I feel like I should come up with a theme song for Thankful Thursday – and that my brother should sing it. In his Julia Child impression voice. That would be exciting, don’t you think? No? Okay, okay, let’s get right down to it.

·         I’m thankful that my sister-in-law (said Julia Child brother’s wife) has started writing on her blog again. Check her out here.

·         I’m glad that I know where my lost earring is. Yes, I know that it’s not lost if I know where it is. But it’s lost to me until sometime in October when I deem it cool enough to stick my head under my car seat to find it.

·         I’m thankful that my boss thinks he can hold the fort while I’m out for my surgery. I did not look forward to trying to train someone new. This way, I can just show him a couple of things I do & he’ll be good to go. Hmm. I might back up my files just in case. There’s a reason he needs an assistant. Heh.

·         I’m so so thankful that I remembered the squash we brought home from Daddy & Amy’s in time to eat it. I never remember how much I like to eat just plain baked squash until I get it in my mouth again – yummy faux buttery goodness.

·         I’m thankful that when the top came off of our olive oil sprayer & the bottle crashed down it just mostly pooled on the pan Dr. M was about to put squash on. Especially since the lid being loose was probably my fault. Oops.

·         I know that I made the right decision in not having children, but it’s nice to have a few around to remind me why. Just kidding. Sort of. My former boss told me that she had given her almost four year old twins some cotton balls & glue sticks & left them for a few minutes. When she returned it was to this. The Cotton Ball Monster!

And her accomplice, Cotton Ball Monster Girl!

Made me laugh, which is always a good thing.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I'm thankful the grandboy is back home even though I enjoy his visits.

  2. Sunshine (hot on the prairies today!). The free wine we got from a hotel the other night who messed us about (drinking it tonight). Washing machines. Air conditioning (never need it at home). And all the usuals (the nearest/dearest).

  3. What kind of glue was that? Not a superglue stick, I hope. Funny picture.

    You may want to do the bending to look for the earring while you can still bend (i.e., pre-op). Put one of those personal fans on your head and go searching. Better yet, borrow some glue (you know where to get it) and stick a powerful magnet to a long stick. Voila! Instant earring.

  4. I'm thankful for fresh, local tomatoes. I can't get enough.

    Love the cotton ball monsters! Made me smile.

  5. thankful for you, as always. Other notes on the subject can be found at my blog! have a good day, Miss Bug.

  6. Rudee - that's a great idea. Except that I experimented with the remaining earring. Apparently it has no metal. Really.

    Ah well, it's not a pair that I wear very often - I probably won't even miss the lost one.

  7. OH MY GOSH....Cannot let my grands see these photos. Four year olds seem to try and see what they can get away with when the caretaker is out of sight. Hilarious though!

  8. I choked from laughing at those cotton-faces! I can totally see ME being the one with cotton on my face - not the kids though :)

    Glad you dont have to train someone... that's the worst!

  9. Do NOT encourage your brother! For the past 22 years I've had to listen to his Julia Child impersonation!

    Just did my own version of Thankful Thursday. Thank you very much!

  10. on thursday i was thankful for the ability to sit back and laugh at the absurdities in the world, i guess i still am


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