Friday, July 15, 2011

The Weekly Wordzzle is Back!

I know you've just been beside yourself wondering what happened to the Weekly Wordzzle. The fact is, I just lost my Wordzzle mojo. And then Raven lost hers. It was a sad state of affairs. I wish I could say that I am back in top Wordzzle form (whatever that is), but I'm not, really. I just decided that my brain needs to do these every week & that you need to read them. Or not - you don't have to! Anyway, go to Raven's site later today (or in the morning) to see what other folks have written. Here's mine!

Words for the mini: windows, pollution, space ship, little person, cheese cake

Sometimes, as I consider myself, I wonder if, really, there’s a tiny little person inside who believes that my body is a giant space ship, and that my eyes are just windows looking out at the scary wide world. And, if so, would the tiny little person like a snack, or is she a health nut who would consider cheese cake to be pollution of the space ship? All of my philosophical ponderings include food. Don’t yours?

Words for the 10-worder: silly, pink polka-dots, charging bull, paragon of virtue, landscape, execution, ample bosoms, park bench, magic, tree stump

Donald “Charging Bull” Morris was no paragon of virtue. In fact, he found perverse pleasure in the execution of his good name. What did a good name get you anyway, but more work? His nickname reflected his feelings on the subject precisely – he had spent more of his 80 years charging people for the bull he spouted than doing actual work. On this particular day he was heading through the park getting ready to set up his magic show on a tree stump near the rotunda. His eyes roamed over the landscape trying to assess the number of marks who might actually pay to see his show. He looked left, then right, then left again, startled into stopping in his tracks. Triplets. On a park bench. With ample bosoms encased in silly pink polka-dots. At least 80 years old. It was a sight designed to give a man’s heart whiplash. Unable to stop himself he headed over for a chat. Maybe these lovely octogenarians were in the mood for a little magic today.


  1. That was brilliant, really smart!
    Love your thought on food :)

  2. Nice to have you back... and I have to say that you seem to me to be in brilliant wordzzle form. I love the little person in the space ship body pondering the merits of cheese cake. (Like ice cream, can there be anything wrong with cheese cake? Really.) And ample bosomed octagenarians in pink polka dots! Too delightful!


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