Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Do ya feel thankful today, punk? OK, that was lame. I’m not really very Dirty Harryesque. Sorry!
  • Well, of course I’m thankful for the love of my life. He did very well this Valentine’s Day – card, flowers, candy. Sigh.
  • I know I already mentioned this on my Monday Miscellany post, but I got a clean bill of dental health on Monday. I was very relieved to not need anything extra done to my teeth this time. And yes, I will mention this again on my P365 post on Saturday.
  •  Today was ridiculously warm – 60! It was so nice to go out at lunch without a coat.
  •  I’m thankful that the Tax Time Pig is finally wearing a new outfit (come back Saturday to check it out).
  •  I’m so glad that I’ve handed over the Poetry Bus keys to 120 Socks.
  • Dr. M & I switched sides of the bed – I know! Call out the media! As we’ve gotten older we have developed coordinating aches & pains so that switching sides of the bed is more comfortable for both of us. Sweet!

OK, that’s enough. What are you thankful for? After you tell me, go to Greg’s blog to see what other folks are grateful for.


  1. I'm thankful for 'leftover' soup.

    I'm thankful for warm weather.

    I'll be extremely thankful when this job is over, if it ever is!

  2. That list is awesome. Its funny how small changes can really be big ones!

  3. nice. i dunno if we could switch sides of the body might rebel...

    i am def thankful for the weather its so nice out...

  4. I'm thankful it's Friday tomorrow!

    Thankful I'm not on early shift.

    Thankful I can enjoy blogging and reading my blogfriends' posts.

  5. This weather has been fabulous! Some coworkers and I walked around the building on our lunch break yesterday- so nice. You know where to find my thankful post!

  6. Oh, that last one made me laugh. You know I'll be back for the Tax Time Pig. I'm getting a little stalk-ish about him.


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