Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Night Clog Practice

When I was in college I was a clogging* groupie. I was fascinated by the dance and had a number of friends on the team, but since I have absolutely no rhythm whatsoever there was no question that I’d actually participate. I just tagged along so I could drool over those flying feet (and I probably had a crush on one or more of the guys - I don't exactly remember, but it was probably a lanky blonde named Pony. Sigh). But apparently, one rainy night I was having a little trouble finding the love, so I sat in the balcony & wrote this. So, here are the Bug’s (slightly edited) thoughts from May 4, 1983.

Tuesday Night Clog Practice

I look out the
Grimy window
Search for peace
Too loud

The quiet is imagined
Through dirt and rain
The green so calm
Drops on roof imagined

The babble raises
To fever pitch
Momentary calm
As one voice calls out
And chaos again

To the window
Calm, dark wood
Evidence of rain not heard

Then a million castanets
In perfect time 
Order from melee

The dance is on
Window forgotten

*The Bailey Mountain Cloggers still exist at Mars Hill College, my alma mater. They've had 18 National Championships, so I reckon they’re pretty good. Click here to see a list of their videos. If you want to experience what I was experiencing that night in 1983 choose the Acapella clip.

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  1. Bug, this is great! I can see you sitting in that balcony writing away. I am jumping over to the site .. I want to witness this energy and talent.

  2. What a wonderful response to the prompt Bug! You took us on a journey back in time! Lovely writing!! :-)

  3. ha. my sister clogged...the noise nearly drove my brother and i mad...smiles.

  4. This northern girl has never heard of clogging. I love when you pull these great pieces from your archives.

  5. There cannot be very many poems about clogging! Nicely done and nice tidy ending.

  6. Lovely Bug, and so wonderful to have something from the past!

  7. as a committed two-left footer i can't imagine wanting to dance in publc, but i guess clog dancing has its plusses

    Nice post

  8. Sight and sound at odds-
    They say, we can learn to tune one out
    for the sake of the other- depends on my mood! I think the 'riverdance' style's a bit quieter- Thanks for sharing this!

  9. You're a wonderful poet, and apparently, you've been one your entire life. Thanks for the glimpse inside your past.

  10. Clogging is a true American branch on an old tree of Irish and Scottish dance. You cannot write the word without hearing the precision and sounds of the dance through the ages! Lovely poem of finding quiet amidst the rumble.

  11. I was picturing you there as I read this - looking out the window, writing, watching the dancers. I'm a horrible dancer. My husband isn't any better. We are such losers at weddings. :)

  12. I was picturing you there as I read this - looking out the window, writing, watching the dancers. I'm a horrible dancer. My husband isn't any better. We are such losers at weddings. :)

  13. Now you know that wasn't my fault. Right?

  14. You know what, Bug? I'm off to take up clog dancing!
    Lovely piece.

  15. what I want to know is - were you a millipede or a centipede?

  16. Thanks everyone! Bella, you are a nut :)

    Isabel - I think a millipede because it would have the most left feet. Heh.

  17. I'm with you, Bug... it's fun to watch, but darned if I've got the rhythm (or stamina) for it!

  18. I like the thought of dancing to the rhytm of the rain - clogs or no! :)

  19. My former roomate's brother clogged his way through college doing shows with a friend.

    Maybe it was Pony?? :)



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