Friday, April 15, 2011

The Poetry Bus - Now with Explosions!

NanU is the most excellent bus driver this week & in keeping with the season has told use to write a poem about: "about bursting, exploding, restarting, getting it in gear, waking up."

I think that's a great prompt, which is why my poem isn't really about any of those things. Well, it's sort of about bursting and exploding. Anyway, after you've read my poem go to her site to read some other fabulous poems!


The caramel
of winter
gives way to a
fizzy green goddess
health drink.
I open my eyes
and my arms wide,
breathing deeply
of this verdant
I can feel my chest
expand with joy
and something else –
something that is
not quite joy –
something I can
no longer contain…
Ahhh Chooo!

Ah Spring!

Yes, I took this picture of myself mid-sneeze. It's VERY hard to do. Just try it. And don't mock me!


  1. I'd rather have the allergens as opposed to viral particles setting up shop.

    Ah-choo right back atcha.

  2. My husband feel's your pain. He suffers greatly during allergy season!!!!!!

  3. You are the QUEEN of the Mid-Expression Capture of Emotion. The Queen, I tell ya!

  4. Oh, I am having the same problems this year! Great job!

  5. Hey Bug, It's perfect!! The soft beauty of the pussy willow bush photo captured perfectly, set me up for a soft misty spring type poem and the sneeze blew it all away. Ah spring, indeed! Brilliant. I'll bet it is very tricky to capture yourself sneezing with a camera. I bow to KimQuiltz and Reya........ you are the Queen and bless you. =D

  6. My great grandfather apparently suffered 30 minute sneezing fits all his life and I do the same, though they've got more infrequent as I get older.
    Love the opening lines - that's a great image!

  7. tes souhaits, Bug! gesundheit!

  8. Aha! God bless you, girl. This poem is a fun experience. I too liked your caramel macchiato winter line. You set us up beautifully.

  9. like the fizzy green goddess, brave photo to take as well, hope you had a sturdy camera

  10. Good one catching that-photo and the poem. Thanks.

  11. eww...i think i need to clean my screen i like caramel macchiatos...spring or winter...

  12. Great interpretation of the prompt. And a great self-portrait.

  13. Loving the fizzy green goddess. And kudos for the photo too


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