Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Miscellany

Here’s a little bit different flavor to my Monday Miscellany post. I decided to at least do part of the Weekly Wordzzle. So this first bullet point uses the words from the 10 word challenge. It’s actually a true event, except for the part where I wish for freezing rain & think about tuna (although after writing it I’m thinking about tuna – mmm). You should check out Raven’s site to read other stories with the words.

·         I got too much sun sitting out back in the swing. The boy from next door came over & his conversation was like galloping horses, charging into my ears without invitation. The pages of the book I was trying to read were like stolen kisses – I would glance down surreptitiously during his monologue. I started wishing for freezing rain to cool my skin. And thinking about stocking up on razor blades for the summer. And that maybe I would pack a tuna salad sandwich for my Monday lunch. During his recitation, the boy sat opposite me performing some sort of martial arts moves with his pet snake. He was revealing his hopes and dreams to me – hopes and dreams that would be so easy to crush, like a harpoon through paper mache. The most farfetched dream was his plan to holiday in Australia and smuggle a koala bear back with him. As I left him to enter my cool house, I felt my usual bemusement that meetings with him bring me. And a faint disquiet that I’m not equipped to help shape the life of a 12 year old boy.

·         I’ve calmed down some about the hip replacement/resurfacing. It could be the fact that I can’t do anything until August so I should just chill. Or the fact that everyone has such positive things to say about it. But it’s probably the 800 mg ibuprofen that’s helping to mask a lot of the pain – suddenly it doesn’t seem as urgent anymore. In any case, I’ve decided to save my freaking out for July. Something to look forward too!

·         Our choir director resigned today. I knew that it was coming – she has health issues that would have stopped a less determined person long ago. But I’m still sad – she’s such a talented lady. On the other hand, we’d like to keep her alive longer so I guess we’ll let her step down from this role.

·         I found two four leaf clovers today without really trying. I decided to leave them in the wild so they can bring joy to others. The wild being our back yard. I think the sparrows probably like four leaf clovers.

·         It was QUITE warm today – in the 80s. And although I have longed for this day I do believe that I might start whining about being too warm very soon. I know, I’m not right.

On that note, another edition of Monday Miscellany comes to an end. Tune in next week…


  1. oh yes, we're edging into summer. in the shade with the breeze it was still pleasant, but out in full sun? hot.

  2. Well....not sure if I would have been able to leave the four leaf clover...but as far as luck goes, I am not superstitious. You should be ready for the hip replacement by July. It is probably good to think about it for a bit. Our past two days have been too warm..too fast. Can't believe I am complaining though after the long long cold winter.

  3. Well done with the true life wordzzle. I could relate to your story as I've been there myself on occasion. It's always a good reminder of what an incredible job parenting is.

    My therapist has managed to avoid a hip replacement with an herbal tea that he gets shipped from Ireland. He was very skeptical about the idea but it has worked really well for him. I'll ask him for the information if you'd like.

  4. I loved the Weekly Wordzzle.

    You have plenty of time to prepare for the hip surgery.

  5. Chronic pain isn't an easy thing to live with. I'm glad that your mind is resting a little about the replacement. I try to tell myself that I'll worry about it when it gets closer. Sometimes the worrying is worse than the actual event. Hang in there.

    Love how you left the four leaf clovers in the "wild."

  6. My therapist finally got back to me with the information about that tea. He was scheduled for surgery a couple of years back but started with this tea and I think he took sam-e too and did some exercise. Anyway, he said it took about a year, but his hip is good now.

    It's Dr. Deilish Clare Health Herb Bone Infusion Tea Galway City,Eire. Phone# 011 35391583260 or


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