Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not Feeling Sunny Side Up Today

It’s all been said before.
The leaden sky.
The pouring pounding
gulley washing
soul killing
rain rain rain,
digging into the earth
and into my bones
with wild abandon.
The sodden soggy
paths of my discomfort
leaving me no doubt
who’s in charge.
I get it Mama Gaia.
I really do, and so
you may go and
soothe your parched
Texas children now.
Yes? I say yes!

This is a Magpie Tale and a One Shot Wednesday poem - please click the links to read other tales.


  1. Have you been reading my mind again?

  2. I think everyone in Ohio can relate to this today. Love your little nod to Reya in the last line.

  3. Well, bummer! I hope the sun finds a way to peek through all that is gray in your world.

  4. Yes Tess I was smiling when I typed that. I'm going over to her blog to tell her now :)

  5. What a good idea to send rain to Texas. I hope it works.

    It's a beautiful poem, Dana - honest - that's my favorite kind of verse.

    Sending sunshine in your direction asap. xx

  6. The good times will come around again.

  7. And still there will be some who say'Don't rain on my parade!' LOL

  8. April showers ... you know the rhyme. We've had a little bit of everything today in the DC area. Rain, sun, cool, warm, thunder, lightning. Fortunately, I never let any of that deter me from sending Hubs out to the grill to cook dinner. Since he doesn't hunt, it's the closest thing he gets to being endangered in the pursuit of feeding his family, so I figure I'm doing him a favor...right?

  9. whatever happened to the just right rain
    it's either too much or not enough

  10. been raining a bit eh? we had it last weekend...

  11. April showers bring May flowers. Hope that is some consolation!

  12. Man, I can feel and see this in Pennsylvania now. Can't stand all this rain but love your poem and style.

  13. J and I have been feeling it in our bones, too. Hope you're not too achy!

  14. We've been waiting and waiting for rain here in Austin, please send some. The bluebonnets were gone almost before we got to see a few spindly ones this year.

    like the part about rain digging into your bones -- poetry yay!!

  15. My bones have been sore too. Ugh. I need the sunshine again.

  16. Oh, but doesn't the effects of global warming do such wonderful things for the climate... :(

    Enough to water, not wash away the world would be nice.

  17. So the blue of the plate got to you...

  18. Excellent. Yes, Texas could use some and I, too, am tired of it. Although it snowed hard all morning and has been doing so most days since early November - I'm not sure what year. :) Nice poem.


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