Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Miscellany

And the miscellany just keeps on keeping on…

     ·         I’m really glad that all my peeps in eastern NC are safe after all those tornados passed through. I feel kind of guilty because I didn’t even know what was going on until it was over & they were reporting in on Facebook. There was so much destruction – reminding us that we aren’t really in charge here.

     ·         I painted my toenails this interesting shade of green. Not that anyone will see them anytime soon. I’m still occasionally turning on the illegal hidden space heater under my desk at work.

     ·         I think I’m officially in a spring writing funk. I’m even contemplating a bit of a blog break (except for the Project 365 posts – they don’t require writing expertise). We’ll see.

     ·         Dr. M wrote a great post about the reasons behind secession. You should check it out here. He’s obviously not in a writing funk, at least about something near & dear to his heart.

     ·         I’ve gotten so used to doing without a dishwasher that when I was having my most recent fantasy about remodeling our rental home that didn’t even make the cut. Right now all I would like is some sort of awning over the back door (so we can have a covered mat to wipe our feet) and a laundry room/half bath. Otherwise I’m pretty happy about our space. Except for the part where we both have such a long commute. With the recent gas price hike we’re now paying over $600 a month for gas. Just typing that number makes my stomach hurt!

     ·         My niece and my cousin’s daughter (does that make her my 2nd cousin, or 1st cousin once removed? I’ve never figured out how that all works – which is why I’m still surprised that I was raised in the south)… Anyway both of these young ladies are just running circles around my generation in our family. J is on a competition cheer team & keeps winning championships all over the place. She’s nine. And K is a gymnast who just won her level 9 regional meet in New Orleans. Next it’s on to Boston for the Eastern Nationals. Are these girls really related to me? I was the girl who failed the vertical leap portion of my PE exam in college, although I could do sit-ups until the cows came home. The operative term there is sit-up.

OK, that’s enough for today. I hope your Monday is just as miscellaneous as mine!


  1. Actually, you looked at the March numbers and they included a trip to NC, so maybe we'll come in at $500 or so for April :-/ For those who don't know, The Bug heads south, I head north each workday. We picked our house because it was close to the mid point between our jobs. Neither of us can afford to quit the job we have, and there is no public transportation option. We are burning $20+ each workday on gas at the current price, plus any driving we do on the weekend.

  2. oh I know. the gas is killing us to and we haven't even been going into the city all that much. when we get busy again (if we ever get busy again) it's really gonna kill us. but oh wait, we'll have income then.

    the child of your first cousin is your first cousin once removed. your child and the child of your first cousin are second cousins.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I'm in a creative block too at the moment and nothing will shift it. Petrol prices everywhere are getting ridiculous - we are retired so don't have to travel every day thank goodness. I love the pictures on your previous posts, but those skies are really scary.

  4. The price of gas is painful. I do get reimbursed 50 cents a gallon on my paycheck, but I've been piling on an inordinate amount of mileage. It cost me close to $60 to fill my tank the other day.

  5. Nice post for someone in a writing funk. Hope your NC friends and families are safe and sound.

  6. Gas prices are outrageous we here in CA are paying $4.39 a gallon...

    Great post...writing funk...pshaw.

  7. SWMBO and I were just talking the other day about how minimum wage workers can keep going with the gasoline prices what they are. I opined that they may be walking, bicycling or busing to and from their workplaces. But I don't know.

  8. I read that post on the southern secession....great post! You got you a smart hubby there!


  9. My Surreptitious Space Heater has been getting quite the workout too. 39 degrees on April 18th? Some spring!

  10. Green toenails - good

    Blog break? Noooooooooooooooo

  11. Ugh. Gas. When I filed my taxes and I saw how much of a deduction I got from all the miles I drove, I couldn't believe it! I've learned to combine trips. I don't go into town unless I also have an interview to conduct.

    About space heaters, I was just wondering the other day how much longer I'm going to have to keep mine running full blast. It snowed in the next county yesterday and hailed marble-sized ice here yesterday! Ugh, again!

  12. you and my gracie would get along just dandy with your love of the color green. ;)

    oh, those crazy gas prices make me want to cry each time. *sigh*

    we just call them all cousin. no first, second, third... ha. i'm all for simplifying. ;)


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