Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Poetry Bus is a Crooked Line

Here is my poem for the Poetry Bus. The fabulous all right lazy driver is ME! See here for the other riders and my prompt. I'm lazy because I'm using a poem I wrote for the Magpie Tales & One Shot Wednesday memes in January. So, sorry if you've already read it.

But before we get to my poem, here is one from a wonderful woman at my church. Betsy is a great person, and not just because she reads my blog. Ha! And I love her response to the prompt - don't you?

Crooked Line

I am a crooked line
I go where I want
do what I please
but then I risk
getting tangled.
But aren't crooked lines
easier to draw
than straight ones?
Yes, but perhaps 
I need a bit 
more structure.

BBK 4-8-2011

And here's mine:

Crooked Line

I am a crooked line
in all manner of things,
bumping hips with you
as we walk this road.
I veer into the wood
creating havoc
in the underbrush -
no stalker of prey, I.
Over and over
you rescue me
from thorns of
my own making.
There is a spring
in this wood.
Icy water in an
ancient tin dipper.
Thirst quenched,
I let you lead
me home.


  1. smiles. betsy's is very nice...i dunno i kinda like my crooked lines...

    as far as yours, like your bit of living water...leading you home...

  2. I love both of them, and I do remember this one of yours as one of my favorites. I love the part about veering into the underbrush. Really deep.

  3. I remember this poem! I loved it the first time and I love it again! My favorite part -- leading you home...

    Betsy is a wise woman, indeed! Kudos to her (and not just for reading your blog)

  4. If we didn't bump- how would we check
    in ? at first I though of dancing-
    ( which I love)but confusion and getting lost works too. Thanks.

  5. I like the sound of Betsy and her poem! You gotta love a crooked line. Your poem is very special as well and certainly worth leading the prompt!

  6. That's just too spooky - your poem and betsy's and mine all start with the same first line. How weird is that?
    The consensus seems to be that crooked is good!

  7. Betsy's poem is great ~ please tell her how much I enjoyed it. As for yours? I had visions of you (with ailing hip) and the good doctor hiking ... him there to make certain you didn't stumble and fall.

  8. "you rescue me from thorns of my own making" - that's a great line, Bug!

    This was not easy. I diverged from the original Seuss idea and got into trouble.


  9. I like them both too, really like the mischievious voice in your one. Lovely. Thanks for the trip


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