Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

The sun is in my eyes this morning as I type this and that makes me happy (I know, it's supposed to make me cry. Heh.). Sunshine through my window in the mornings means it's spring! So, let's be thankful.

·   I'm so glad I finally went to an orthopedic doctor about my hip. Not happy that I will have to have surgery (I'm shooting for August for that happy event), but I'm glad that I now know I'm not just a wimp (at least in this area) & that there are non-crazymaking pain medications that make my life a lot easier. I actually vacuumed last night! But I can't quite bring myself to be thankful about vacuuming. Well, I am thankful about the clean floors.

·   Last night as I was nodding off during my prayers I was so thankful for the prayer beads that Dr. M got me. They help keep me on task & awake while I'm praying for the people in my life. As I'm being more mindful about praying I've noticed that praying for myself is just a foreign concept for me, which leads me to my next thanksgiving: 

·   I'm amazed & thankful for all the support & advice I've recieved regarding this hip drama. You guys are really the best. No, really!

·   As my poem from Tuesday night indicated, I'm still thankful for baseball. Even though both of the teams I follow lost last night. I just find it endlessly entertaining. (P.S. if you get them on radio, you really should listen to the Braves broadcast. Don Sutton & that other guy whose name I haven't bothered to learn are hilarious.)

It’s your turn! What are you thankful for today?


  1. Just shared this at your wordzzle post, but will repeat it here. In case you are interested, I finally got information from my therapist about the herbal tea he used to avoid hip replacement. He said he took it for about a year.

    The site is <a href="></a>. It's. Dr. Deilish Clare Health + Herb Bone Infusion Tea Galway City, Eire. I guess you can order at the website or you can call: Phone# 011 35391583260

  2. For some reason, your post puts me in the mind for this:

    Thanks for that!

  3. Welcome back Spring! Ands, as I long-time sufferer of pain I'm glad somebody's getting somewhere with their hip dramas. Roll on August!

  4. My husband says I am full of advice, so here it is: learn all the post-operative hip exercises well before your surgery. Attend "joint camp" at the facility. The more practiced you are with the exercises, the easier it will be to do them after surgery. And work on strengthening your quads from now until surgery.

    And keep reminding us to be thankful.

  5. You think you have support NOW? Just you wait until you have your surgery, Missy. Hoo Wheee! Are you ever gonna see support!!!

    Thanksful? I saw the sun come out THREE WHOLE TIMES today, so I know it's still there!

  6. Thank you for reminding us to be thankful. NCmountainwoman has some GREAT advice...learn the moves beforehand, baby.

    And if you can possibly take a yogo or stretching class over the summer as you prepare, that would be a BIG plus (and if you lose weight doing so, even better for the recovery). But S.T.R.E.T.C.H.I.N.G is the name of the came. Flexibility ...

  7. Glad you are feeling better and have some sunshine...:)

  8. So glad the sun shined for you yesterday. Still keeping good thoughts about your hip. I'm thankful for baseball, too, because my father loves it. I don't know what he'd do without it.

  9. Gosh, how rotten to have a bad hip.
    do hope the pain meds are helping
    The other evening an English doctor friend said there is a positive epidemic of joint problems afflicting a much younger group.
    Used to be oldies in their 70's having hip/knee replacements etc
    we wondered why joint pain is affecting this younger group
    have a super w/e


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