Saturday, April 9, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Fifteen

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[2nd Note: This week the Tax Time pig wore an outfit we’ve seen before. Go here to check out the yellow dinosaur suit. You know you want to.]

Sunday, April 3rd
Here’s the weekly squirrel.

My little tomato & basil plants are going to town. Now I’m worried that they’ll outgrow this contraption before we can put them in the garden!

Monday, April 4th
Rainy day and a new cement pond for the birds. If you click on the picture to enlarge you can see the rain. Look how GREEN the grass is!

Tuesday, April 5th
Dr. M captured this squirrel in a tree – I think it’s a pretty cool picture.

And I went to the crack house for a fix. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 6th
A sliver of the moon. Another picture you should click on to enlarge – really cool!

Thursday, April 7th      
Dr. M took this picture of a dove on a wire – I love how the feathers look like some fancy lace.

Meanwhile I visited an orthopedic surgeon about my hip pain. Sigh. I’ve had osteoarthritis for about 5 years and I knew that this day would come. But I’m only 47! (I can’t believe I used “only” and “47” in the same sentence. Heh.) I’ll do a post later about my options & what I think about them.

Here's the State of the Bug picture for the week. 

Friday, April 8th  
The new cement pond is a hit. Dr. M took pictures of a sparrow thoroughly enjoying it.

Saturday, April 9th
It’s another rainy day, so we’re staying put. Here are some more bird pictures to round out the week. Enjoy!

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  1. $23.33 for one creme egg! girl, you are in trouble.

    great shot of the moon and the dove.

    I love my birdbaths. they are very entertaining but down here they will evaporate in about 2 or 3 days. gotta check 'em every day, especially when the birds start depending on them.

  2. Did someone tell you the yellow dinosaur suit is "Spike" from the "Barney" show? My kids used to watch a LONG time ago...hee he

    Great photos!

  3. Your picture says how thrilled you are about hips being replaced :).

    Love the squirrel shots - I kept thinking of the movie "Up" and the dog! How do you get the bird shots? They're so clear and crisp.

  4. Ellen gave me a good laugh!

    When you say cement pond, I hear it in my head as though I'm watching the Beverly Hillibillies--with a long e. Gosh I loved that show.

    Can't wait to see your plantings in the soil (cuz that means I can plant, too). It's been cold here, but I hear it'll be 75 degrees Sunday. Yippee!

    Lastly, that's the moon I call God's thumbnail.

  5. @Rudee: YES! Beverly Hillbillies! We had a lovely ceramic birdbath last year that I stupidly let freeze and crack, so we had to get a new one. Budget restrictions (too many $23 creme eggs :-) dictated a cheaper one, so I went with the concrete, and almost immediately labeled it the "cement pond." I seriously loved that show. We are going to have quite the 'mater patch, I think! We also have some day lilies Ellen sent us that are coming up, and some daisies my friend Carolyn gave us. Spring has sprung!

  6. What a great variety of birds this week. Sorry about your hip pain, I hope that you find the answer that's right for you. As a side note, my 92 year old grandfather with bone cancer just had his hip replaced & he's doing great!

    Hugs & love,

  7. you know, I don't like those cadberry creme eggs. I think it's the runny texture of the middle.

    My dad was an orthopedic surgeon and specialized in hip replacement. Not fun to have to face but I heard many of his patients say how great it was after and they should have done it sooner!! praying for you as you make a decision!

  8. I have never heard a hip-replacee say they were sorry they had it done. Quite the opposite. You will know if and when--that's my prayer.
    The Dove on a Wire is my absolute favorite; belongs in an art exhibit.

  9. stupendous always have such great ones.
    the dove: my fav

  10. Yes, its ONLY 47!! Keep saying that.

    The cement pond is so pretty and should provide us all with plenty of entertainment. :)

    Beautiful dove photo!

  11. i love the sparrow in the bird bath. he IS enjoying it, isnt he?

    i totally feel you on the cadbury eggs. ive managed to only eat one so far this season, but it takes everything in me to not buy one (or several) every time im at the grocery store.
    no one else i know gets it. they all think theyre gross.
    im glad you can relate.
    and now, i must go buy one and eat it immediately.

  12. hope thay can fix the hip pain.

    I am not a fan of those eggs - now Reeses are a different story.

    Greatbird shots too

  13. Ohhhh girl... cadbury eggs are my downfall!!!

    ... & now I am craving one...

  14. Great pics...sadly it rained here too (which it ever rarely does!) loving the pics of the birds in their new bath! Bummer to hear about your hip...hopefully it can get better without a total replacement, although my friend had one done a few years ago and she is doing great! Loving the shot of the moon and dove as well and YUMMO to your crack! Mine is choc covered marshmellows!

  15. my hubs took a picture of a cardinal yesterday. Such a pretty bird. Yikes on the hip replacement. No worries though, I had a friend that had one and he was running around in 6 weeks.
    Never had a cadbury egg. Can you believe that?
    Love the moon picture. Fabulous!

  16. "And I went to the crack house for a fix."

    you crack me up :)

    you were on fire this week girl friend!

    great pictures


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