Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

Wow – lots of pictures this week. Hope you enjoy them!

Sunday, April 10th
Here’s the weekly squirrel. Except there’s another one at the end of the week. So I guess it’s one of the weekly squirrels.

It looks like the house finch is telling the cow bird to go away & let me eat in peace!

I can’t help it – I love dandelions. Why it looks like a “real” flower in this picture!

I wrote about this snake on my Monday Miscellany post. I was only low level freaked out talking to the neighbor boy while he was playing with the snake.

Monday, April 11th
I took these pictures before I left for work on Monday. Holy cow what a sky! Fortunately the torrential rain waited until I was safely in my office.

Tuesday, April 12th
What a different a day makes! I took this picture on my way home from work.

Dr. M loves the train that runs by his campus.

Look – he caught this great picture of a hawk. Click on it to make it larger – super cool!

The trees are flowering around here now. In fact, the other day I thought it was snowing when it was just the white Bradford pear blossoms whirling on the wind.

Wednesday, April 13th
Well, we’ve come full circle on the Tax Time Pig. This is what it was wearing the very first time I took its picture. And in fact it’s why I call it the Tax Time Pig (for those of you who've been wondering). I know I missed some outfits in this past year so I’m sure you’ll see it again.

Dr. M taking pictures of the moon again. I think it looks like some sort of stemless mushroom. I know, I have such romantic imagery. Heh.

Thursday, April 14th      
Dr. M participated in an event to raise money for Relay for life – he decorated an Easter basket & a couple of eggs. Too cute!

Friday, April 15th  
Dr. M took a picture of the sunrise on his way to school.

Here is the State of the Bug – this is my “this is the last time I’m blow drying my hair until fall” look. I jest, but goodness I felt like someone had dumped an electric blanket on my head when I was finished. The only reason you can’t see the fine sheen of sweat dew on my face is because I blotted it just before I took the picture.

Saturday, April 9th
Here’s our second squirrel of the week – on the neighbor’s most excellent tree. I love this tree!

Bird in the grass.

The neighbors across the street gave us this flag last summer – we think it’s so cute. I know we’re a little early putting it out – after all tomorrow is Palm Sunday, but we couldn’t resist. And I guess most people think Easter is over after next Sunday. Little do they know it’s just begun!

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  1. Nice photos of your week! The weather HAS been crazy!

  2. Somehow I think the Tax Time Pig and I had something in common this week... yuuuuuuck.

    I do love the dandelion pic - the colors are so vibrant!

    And yeah, why is it that when late spring starts, my ability to sweat undergoes a magical increase? I swear, I keep thinking, "I showered because...? I did my hair because...? I put on makeup because...?"

  3. I want your hair. So sleek and shiny! I'm so jealous!

    (The state of the bug is gorgeous, btw)

  4. Our weather here has been crazy too!

    I remember the first time you took a picture of the tax time pig!

  5. Totally AMAZING storm cloud photos!!! As I type this the wind is blowing hard enough to rattle the windows. Kind of like listening to a record with surround-sound since I'm hearing them from all over the house :)

    It's so gorgeous when the fruit trees are in blossom and it looks like snow when the petals fall.

    Very cool hawk picture by Dr M.

    And I had one of those blow drying experiences the other day too. Mine was so bad I ended up wetting my hair and starting over. LOL So much static that the top (newly shorn) was sticking STRAIGHT UP. If I'd been going for the spikey look, it would have been perfect :)

    I totally missed a great photo op while in Sta. Rosa. Our co-workers were staying here at the house in Carlos Paz and woke up to the sound of animals fighting in the back yard. They had to go out and throw a bucket of cold water on them to get it to stop. It was a possum and a cat! LOL Now THAT would have been a great photo! I can't even imagine how/why a possum wandered this far into the city!

  6. WE have had he crazy weather too.
    Acually had flurries yesterday.

    The pig is funny !!

    Have a great week.

  7. Eww...that snake! And those are some ANGRY storm clouds!

    Love the train shot...I don't see too many non-gray or black trains.

    You look beautiful in this week's self-portrait.

  8. YUCK to that snake...NOT a fan! Love the bunny flag though...I have had my Easter stuff up for the entire month of April! and too funny about the tax time pig! Crazy sky...glad it waited to dump on you.

  9. You look beautiful in your picture of the week! I love the black & white sky images. I never let my husband mow when my back yard turns into a field of dandelions. The neighbors hate it, lol!

    Hugs & love,

  10. Similar thoughts this week: Can Ohio weather get any crazier? Who really looks at my hair, anyway? Do the trees make up for my allergies by their beauty?

    Great pics this week!

  11. The sky pics were awesome! ANd the "flower" was pretty - great color and clarity! Love it!

  12. Tax Time Pig is AWESOME!!!!! Working in accounting, that's how I feel too... but please dont call me a pig! ;)

    SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    I love storm clouds. They are so beautiful to me.

  13. I loved the storm rolling in pictures. As always your pictures really delight me.

  14. Snakes alive!
    Squirrels two.
    Storm, oh, my!
    Sunrise too.
    State of the Bug, oh, so cute!

  15. i like your hair...I think you look very pretty in the state of bug picture. Loving that tax time pig. I am sure many people feel sick during tax time. LOL
    Beautiful outdoor pics and I love the train. Very cool.


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